Liza Corbett

New York-based illustrator and designer Liza Corbett creates hauntingly beautiful artwork. The characters in her illustrations are fantastical & dream like, creating a sense of whimsy upon observation. Liza has designed for a number of clients, as well as published a couple of illustrated books. She is also a fabulous children's illustrator as seen on her main website. Luckily, Liza has made some of her artwork available in various forms. Her Etsy shop is stocked with plushies featuring her illustrations. Via Cafe Press you can find much of her work adorning buttons, stickers, canvas bags & more. Learn more about Liza Corbett on her blog.


Inka said...

wow, she´s good!!

Alice said...

Wow! So in love with her work! Thanks for posting about her, I'm so inspired!