Red Cap Cards

Each time I see the illustrations at Red Cap Cards my heart skips a beat. I have always dreamed of being an artist who creates whimsical works of art, such as PiƱata Party. The animals seen on these cards are all so sweet & innocent looking. I want to hug the giraffes on the Sweet Baby card! And how fabulous is Zebra Parade? You can even purchase affordable children’s & adult apparel featuring these terrific illustrations by artists Carrie Gifford, Francesca Montanari & Michael Morrison. If you’re anything like me, you will have a very hard time deciding which products you "must" have. I want them all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is just too adorable:

Beautiful work!

Lisa L.

Katrine said...

I love the illustration you show on this post. It's adorable, and yet cool at that same time. I good combination! Thank you for bringing so many beautiful things to our attention!
For the drawing, I like this:
Thank you again!
Best wishes,

rayna said...

Funny that you post about Red Cap Cards, because I just discovered this fabulous company last week!! Their work is stunning!!

Kristen =) said...

They have the best designs... LOVE THEM!

Anita said...

Oh my! So beautiful!
This "Just because" card is wonderful...