Juice Planning

Juice Planning is full of wonderful Japanese goodies. Some I have been eyeing for a very long time! I love the goat tote bag almost as much as I love the hedgehog tote bag! I also think these little coin purses are adorable. I'm sure you all know how I adore animals with personas! Fabulous! And I really must have this monkey tape. I am also entertained by these great tin cd cases, as well as these fantastic trays! So much goodness.

The Sweetest Pea

The Sweetest Pea is full of exciting hand-sewn plush animals. I adore the fat turtle and the fat unicorn. The fat hamster is a hoot, but my favorite is the fat monkey. And even more exciting is when you purchase any animal in pink 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale goes directly to benefit Breast Cancer Research. The Sweetest Pea also take custom orders if you have something else in mind. Check out their blog, too.

Edit: I just found this interview with Jen Bennett Gubicza, the amazing talent behind The Sweetest Pea. I cannot believe she is only 26!

Source Collective

Source Collective was formed by a mother and daughter team whose mission is to create a unique and eclectic lifestyle boutique, offering affordable design products to a global customer base. My favorite goods are found under the gifts for the office section. I seriously want a Mr. P tape dispenser, as well as these lovely floral print journals. There's lots of cool products for the home, such as this bubbles photoframe and these adorable "enjoy" dishes. Don't miss the wonderful canvas art in the gallery either. Source Collective also has a nice selection of clothing & accessories to choose from.


Susan of Art Esprit posted today about the new Artstream Studios online shop. The shop is an extention of their fabulous gallery that features original works of art by different artists. If I owned a home, I would get a second mortgage to purchase all of the wonderful works of art offered by Artstream. Popular Claudine Hellmuth has several of her Poppet® works for sale here. And Susan herself has the most stunning mixed media pieces for sale. I absolutely love the piece title "Deep", pictured here. There's also a wide assortment of other types of art you can purchase including tees & beanies, gorgeous jewelry, and gorgeous pottery pieces by various artists. Take a moment to peruse all the fabulous art featured at Artstream Studios.


Rifferaff is full of beautiful handmade jewelry. I love these heart dangle earrings, as well as the teardrop earrings. The necklaces with pendants are stunning, especially this one. Rifferaff also has a fantastic blog, Make It, that features other craft entrepreneurs, as well as good information for those wanting to launch into the business of crafting for profit.

kisu kisu

Check out the fabulous soaps at kisu kisu! What a fun & original gift these sushi soaps would make. These onigiri soaps look interesting, too. I also love this beautiful baby blanket.

Modern Planet

Modern Planet was founded in 2004 by Danielle McGurran who says, "Our aesthetic sensibility is influenced by great art and high design as well as kitschy ephemera and pop cultural obsolescence." You're intrigued, aren't you? I love the 8mm tee, as well as the old typewriter tee. Or how about demented & sad but social?

Candi Leonard Designs

I discovered this fantastic pillow on Jeanette's blog. She is such the shopping guru! I love the message "live life creatively." There's lots of fantastic products by Candi Leonard bearing the same message. I especially love the postcards & the tote bag. Check out all the cool designs by Candi. Loving the "Create - is it in you?" line! And man do I know a lot of people who love junk!


Puchimaiko is full of geisha inspired goods that are very eye catching. I love the bags that are made out of gorgeous Japanese print fabrics. The Kimono keyrings are also very cool. Be sure to check out the cool wrist cuffs & geisha prints, too.

Spruce Avenue

Spruce Avenue has many beautiful silkscreened cards that you have to see. I love the floral set that is full of unexpected color combinations & gorgeous prints. The animal set is also very interesting & eye catching. Be sure to check out the great landscape set as well.

Blend Creations

I love these streetscape cards by Blend Creations. The playground series is another fav. And check out all the terrific blank cards you can write on! Blend also has some really cool jewelry to check out, as well as a blog.

Paper Relics

Hope Wallace is the artist behind Paper Relics. She is a fabulous collage artist. You can purchase items with prints of Hope's collages on them and ephemera to create your own wonders. But my favorite thing is her new line of cards, Paper Vignettes. All of the designs are so wonderful! I can't even pick a favorite. I love the gift tags as well.

Coca-Cola M5

In 2005, Coca-Cola developed a line of five collectible aluminum bottles called the Magnificent 5 or M5. They commissioned five different graphic design studios across the world to design the new line, which feature modern and hip designs aimed at young and creative consumers. These new aluminum bottles will only be featured at "the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges", and are likely to be highly collectible and valuable. (from Wikipedia) During a recent visit to Las Vegas, a friend of mine discovered a Coca-Cola store. There he found limited-edition signs that were printed with accompanying designs to the bottles, as well as tees & character figurines. There are some really awesome designs here. And be sure to check out the music videos that go with each design as well.


I sure could have used these self-watering plants while I was on vacation. The lady who was to tend to my plants while I was away forgot & they fried in the 107 degree weather. Lovely. The medical drip feed in the pot is a unique characteristic that allows the plant to be nourished with water and food as it is required. I also like this tea light that allows you to extend the life of your tea or coffee, keeping it warm for hours. Vitamin aims to combine beauty & functionality, and I think they do it splendidly.


Saltygal has a terrific Etsy shop full of great bags, pouches, and more. I absolutely love this tote bag, as well as these skull coin bags. There's also a cool skull laptop sleeve! This springy polka dot cosmetic case is lovely. And I think this cherries headbad is terrific!

So Softies

Looking for some fabulous crochet toys & stationery? I thought so! Look no further. I have found the best shop, So Softies, on Etsy. M. Patrizio makes the loveliest little creatures! I love the happy faces on all her creations. And the stationery and stickers are terrific! The summer sale lasts through July 31st.

Femmina Style

Femminastyle.com specializes in quality vintage clothing and accessories from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, as well as one-of-a-kind handmade items. I love this navy & white vintage tank top. And how lovely is the crochet jewelry? Such beautiful colors & designs! I absolutely adore the sushi candle set that would make a fantastic gift. As would this fantastic tooth print pillow! Femmina Style also sells a product I recently discovered, the birthday sock. Similar to a Christmas stocking, you hang this sock on your birthday for all your generous friends & family to place presents in. I think I *need* one of these since my birthday is just around the bend! Lots of cute accessories to be found here as well.

*NOTE: I am heading out on vacation tomorrow, so no funky finds until I return next weekend. Have a fabulously funky week!

Crowded Teeth

Michelle is the young mastermind behind Crowded Teeth & she is having one major summer sale right now. I have coveted a few of her tees for a while now & who can pass them up at these prices? My favorite is the flower beetle t-shirt. And of course the octopus tee! (Why are octopus so dang cute???) And how adorable are these crocheted necklaces?


Janice is the girl responsible for most of the cute at Copacetique. She has a nice collection of beautiful journals from Paper Cloud. I love the tees by Tree Design, and of course the Octi tee by boygirlparty. And check out these funky goods by Lime. The hungry dino is so adorable! There are also lots of intriguing cards by Artghost, and I always love the cool products by Dog & Pony Show. I could list a ton of other products I love, but I'll let you peruse on your own.

Lili Confetti

Lili Confetti is full of quirky accessories & original designs. My obsession with felt food continues with these adorable truffle brooches. They also sell the fabulous Betz White's creations. I really love the parachutes stationery and this heart card by artist Kate Dolamore. And look at these adorable pup pins!

Fuzz Design Workshop

Fuzz Design Workshop has the coolest monkey necklaces. These spunky monkeys are fabulous! They also have some really neat notebooks in the stationery section. I especially like the pink Chandelier notebook. And be sure to look under Groovy Wee Things for many more funky items! I am loving the Chandelier earrings & pendant.

Carly Couture

Everything on the Carly Couture web site was designed, patterned, and hand made by Carly for her web site. Carly is currently having a fabulous Dutch auction to make way for new products. She makes fabulous wallets and bags. You can also request custom items through her website.


comingB has a wide range of fashion accessories for the home. I am unable to link up to any specific products directly, but take some time to browse this site. You won't be disappointed. Lovely table & kitchen accessories, as well as cool decorative containers amongst other treasures.

Knot By Gran'ma

Jessica of Knot By Gran'ma specializes in crochet jewelry and original patterns. What initially caught my eye were her unique sleep masks. This one is really cool. She also makes these fantastic beaded crochet pendants and rings. Also check out the beautiful skirts that Jessica has sewn and crochet. Lots of cool goodies to be found at Knot By Gran'ma.

National Badger

I just read about National Badger on Shelterrific's blog & had to share with you immediately. The prints are fabulous. I adore the aardvark and the dogs. Of course the whales are fabulous too. And how funny is the worm?

Spins & Needles

According to their website, spins & needles is an independent, non-profit monthly craft night and music night bringing together crafters + non-crafters to work on projects, share ideas, have a few drinks and listen to some funky beats from local area DJs. They are in Ottawa, Ontario Canada so if you don't live there you can still get in on the fun by purchasing from their shop. There's several craft kits to choose from, as well as these very cool tees. Love their logo design!

Anahata Katkin

Anahata Katkin is a fabulous mixed media & journal artist, as well as a graphic artist. She & her mother started a greeting card line called PaPaYa! “Creative Abandon” which I have written about before. What I want to draw your attention to today is Anahata's Spare Parts Volume 2 that has just recently been released. Each book is full of Anahata's images that you can use in collages or other forms of art you create. So many beautiful graphics! She says volume 2 is different than Spare Parts Volume 1 in that she has included multiples of each image in order for you to use them multiple times. Check out her other great products here.

Cat Seto

Catherine Seto has hand-illustrated or watercolored each of her pieces in her San Francisco studio. I absolutely love the tea notes - notecards that come in lovely tea tins. Thegreeting cards are also fabulous. Check out all the great products Cat Seto has to offer.

Tamara Handbags

Lots of good looking handbags can be found at Tamara Handbags. I love this paisley top zip bag, as well as this gorgeous brown bag. And isn't this striped satchel adorable? Love the heart accents, too!

Vintage Amore

Suzy of Vintage Amore brings us lots of vintage goods at reasonable prices. She has found lots of cool vintage belts & scarves. I love the paisley one! There's also lots of cool handbags as well. Have a look around at the cool tops & dresses.

April Fool

Melissa Stajda is the creator and artist behind April Fool. I love these hankies that are hand-screenprinted with aeroplane, horsie, and row boat designs. These bags and pouches are very cool. Check out the fun jewelry as well.

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy carries a wide array of beautiful American dishware. The Dirty Dishes by Cynthia Rowley are a riot. I love this stylish collection as well. I've written about the Pantone collection before & I still think it's fabulous. Of course I love the bulldog set by Jessie Hartland, too. Other fun items include the Democrat & Republican mugs, the elephant collection, and the We Do mugs. Let's not forget this terrific woodgrain squirrel tray either.


I first learned about Fearless when Fototiller wrote about this interesting memo clock. Fearless is full of innovative gifts from Europe such as this lovely compact. This beautiful shell necklace is also a winner. But perhaps my favorite offerings on this site are these funky cards. I love the one that says "I child-proofed my home, but they still get in." It wouldn't be right to miss posting about Wonder Woman either. Love this lunch box!

Tall Cow

Check out all the awesome cards at Tall Cow, each hand silk screened on premium paper. I especially love Hang In There, Lucky Dog. Tons of cool designs here, too.

Identity Crisis

When I say "fanny pack" do you say "barf"? I thought so. But once you see the cool fanny packs at Identity Crisis, you will change your mind. I love the cool wrist bands and clothing, too.

French Touche

There are tons of fabulous goods at French Touche. A few things I'd like to draw your attention to are all the nice tableware and pottery. They also have fabulous ties & jewelry. Be sure to check out all the cool paper goods & knick knacks as well. I love these cards!


j-me is brothers Mike & Jamie who have assembled a nice online shop full of goodies for the design concious. I love these big head coasters and these terrific key holders...so original! I also like these photo hooks & this tea light holder. So fun! And don't miss the undress me mug.

Harmony Art

Harmony Art has been receiving quite a bit of deserved attention these days. Their organic textiles are made from organic cotton, using low-impact water-based printing in the US. The nature-inspired designs are beautiful. I believe that the Graceland print is my favorite, as I am a sucker for purple. Of course, Eyes of the World is also very pleasing, as is Whispering Grass.

Junque Revival

Jessica Moreau is the mastermind behind Junque Revival. She creates & forms her own pendants around baubles, pottery, sea glass & semi precious stones, then paints & distresses them to look worn. I especially like her Little Junquey necklaces. So original! The Look Closely necklaces are also fascinating.

Humane Society Benefit Print

I saw this on Oh Joy! this morning & just had to share it. Jessica of Insurgent Muse has created this lovely card. 100% of the proceeds from this card will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States. There is a limited run of 50 cards, so jump in there quickly!

Island Girl Scrapbooks

I found out about Island Girl Scrapbooks through the lovely Jeanette. (Thanks, girl!) I love the Peace, Love, Scrap tee! And what about Who Says Size Doesn't Matter? There's also this really fun Scrappin' Angels tote bag. You can see all the fun designs that Jen of Island Girl Scrapbooks has come up with here.

Sew Darn Cute

Jenny of Sew Darn Cute makes the cutest goods. I absolutely love this smiling acorn bag. This squirrel clutch is also divine. Jenny also makes cool button earrings and vinyl cuffs. And for the tots, these adorable kitty onesies!

Always Amy

Amy says, "All of my items are made with the mantra, "reuse, recycle" in mind." Fabulous! I love these little popsicle earrings, as well as these red turtle earrings. But my absolute favorite earrings are these billy goat earrings. And how about this purse fashioned out of vintage ties? Amy also has a store front in Kansas & she is interested in purchasing other's items to sell as well as putting other's creations on consignment. Look here for more information.

Tuff Betty

Adrien Lucas says that a Tuff Betty is a blend of a chick who is terminally trendy yet doesn't cater to what the masses want and wear's whatever the hell she wants when she wants to wear it! Her shop is full of cool DIY kits that you can purchase to make your own wristlets. The kits come complete with pattern instructions, fabric, embellishments, and much more. This may not sound too exciting or original...until you see them! I especially like the Pee Wee Herman mug shot kit. Or how about Johnny Cash or Hugh Grant. All complete with their lovely mug shots. You can also purchase already assembled bags here. I love the Chiweewee wristlet!

*To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! Let freedom ring.


Lili Nedved is iglubu (i-glub-u) which means I love you. Lili is a very talented indie artist who makes beautiful handbags & other goodies. I love this good day, daisy clutch, as well as Rosie. And how perfect would this clutch be for summer vacation? I love the bold colors. Look here for ordering info.

Crafters For Critters

Crafters For Critters may very well be the best find I have made since this blog began. This site sells indie artists' works and all the proceeds go to animal rescue organizations. Every four months three organizations are selected to receive the money. You can read more here. There's tons of fabulous goods by many talented crafters. One item I really think is cute is this pretty lady purse by Missy Blue. There's also these adorable animal wristlets by Erin Originals. I love this fox tee & all these fabulous craft kits. I'm sure a lot of you are big fans of Subversive Cross Stitch. You can buy one of her kits here! I also like these little Schnauzer earrings, these dark chocolate cake sachets, and these dog greeting cards! Lots of terrific goodies for you to buy here...and all for an excellent cause!!


Sukie has a wide array of awesome products. I love the graphics on these travel journals, as well as the Indian exercise books. The animals on the kids journal are also fabulous. I would love to see all the rescued papers that come in these journals. I think my favorite products are the handkerchiefs. Aren't the prints divine? Same goes for the cool tea towels.


Saturate has lots of lovely hand-silkscreened invitations, cards, and more. I love the bold graphics on the old school Valentines, as well as very unique cards and invitations. Be sure to check out all the cards under parties - lots of cool stuff to be had there!


I'm sure it's no secret to you that I love animals & all things animal related (that are good that is!) Kimberly of Miximals has created these fascinating animal collages. I love all of her artwork, but the smug pug & silly monkey are extraordinary! You can also order custom pieces here.