The Sweetest Pea

The Sweetest Pea is full of exciting hand-sewn plush animals. I adore the fat turtle and the fat unicorn. The fat hamster is a hoot, but my favorite is the fat monkey. And even more exciting is when you purchase any animal in pink 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale goes directly to benefit Breast Cancer Research. The Sweetest Pea also take custom orders if you have something else in mind. Check out their blog, too.

Edit: I just found this interview with Jen Bennett Gubicza, the amazing talent behind The Sweetest Pea. I cannot believe she is only 26!


pinkbathtub said...

I bought one of her fat penguins for my nephew...too cute and super well made!

The Sweetest Pea Designs said...

I just got back from vacation to find that I was featured on your blog! I'm amazed that you can keep up with all of this! And, you're only 28! : )

I like that you referred to "their blog," as it's just me here, struggling to keep my various web presences updated!

Thanks for the feature, and pinkbathtub - thanks for the compliment!