Anahata Katkin

Anahata Katkin is a fabulous mixed media & journal artist, as well as a graphic artist. She & her mother started a greeting card line called PaPaYa! “Creative Abandon” which I have written about before. What I want to draw your attention to today is Anahata's Spare Parts Volume 2 that has just recently been released. Each book is full of Anahata's images that you can use in collages or other forms of art you create. So many beautiful graphics! She says volume 2 is different than Spare Parts Volume 1 in that she has included multiples of each image in order for you to use them multiple times. Check out her other great products here.


twistedsoda said...

love love love this! I have to find it!!!

thebutterflycollector said...

this is just amazing!!! Wonderful , bright, bollywood, meets fairytale land! I love it, will have to order one of those books, maybe both!!!! By the way , love your blog, there is always something wonderful to be found!!!