Happy holidays!

I wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday! It has been a wonderful experience starting Funky Finds this year & getting to know so many of you. I only hope that it continues to be so rewarding in the coming year. Take care & I will see you all in 2007. (Wow, that sounds weird!) Peace and joy to you all. Jessica

LuLu Sparkles

Isn't it true that women love all things sparkly? I know I do. That's why I was thrilled to find LuLu Sparkles, a lovely Etsy shop full of beautiful jewelry. The Pucker Up Buttercup necklace is so unique & such a stunning design. I believe It's the Bees Knees necklace is my favorite. This piece could go with so many different ensembles. Other pieces that I am drawn to include the Whimsy-Lu earrings, the Madame Butterfly necklace, and the Twinkle Toes bracelet. Check out all the gorgeous pieces at LuLu Sparkles and treat yourself (or a loved one) to something sparkly!

db clay

This week I read about db clay on Modish & I just have to share. I absolutely love the tees & wish I had several for this holiday weekend. I think the Christmas Camo tee is the coolest holiday tee I've ever seen. Grandma's snowflakes and Peppermint Crook are pretty darn awesome, too. The prices are a bit steep for tees, but they are printed in limited runs of 500 so think of them as collector's items or something. You'll find other unique tees such as the Dammasch Flower tee, as well as duct tape wallets in a wide variety of designs.


Beckarahan has a wide array of items to choose from. You'll find everything from beautiful silk headbands to aprons. A few of my favorite items are the embroidered squirrel and doggie card cases, the secret garden pendant, and the black rhino wristlet. You can also purchase these lovely handmade ornaments.

Crafty Alien

I have long wanted to learn how to make all the lovely little Amigurumi critters I see all over the internet. Lisa of Crafty Alien has lots of wonderful kits & patterns in her Etsy shop. I adore the backyard critters! Isn't the hedgehog adorable? The squirrel and beaver are favorites of mine, as well. If you are unable to create your own critters, you can still find enjoyment in these delightful notecards. The eggcellent cards are fabulous! Have a look at all of Lisa's wonderful creations today.


Pressure is another Etsy shop that is full of beautiful letterpressed stationery. And currently all products are on sale. I love the red floral burst cards, as well as the Crewel to Be Kind set. The luggage corner flat note cards are also lovely. Each card is printed on 100% cotton paper and comes with a tissue-lined, cotton envelope.

Allison Kreft Glass Artist

The wonderfully talented Allison Kreft of Hambly Screen Prints is now selling her fabulous hand-blown glass designs through her Etsy shop. The handblown ruby & gold glass ornament would be a beautiful addition to anyone's tree. There are many cool pieces of jewelry that Allison has designed. A few of my favorites include the Star Murrini glass necklace, the black vintage design, and the pink & brown pendant. Check out all of Allison's gorgeous designs today.

Loose String

Loose String has some of the most unique & beautifully made pin cushions I have ever seen. I love the design and color combonation used on the orange bug cushion. The snails and birds are absolutely adorable. If you are looking for one that is not adorned with animals, check out the wonderful patchwork and circle designs. These would also make wonderful paper weights.

Kim Family Benefit Auction

Lisa Congdon of Bird in the Hand, Stephanie Barnes, and Gerrie Congdon have set up an online auction to raise money for the Kim Family of San Francisco. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the recent tragedy & struggles this family has been through. Over 40 artists working in a wide range of media have contributed to the auction & 100% of the proceeds will go to the James Kim Memorial Fund. Bidding begins January 3rd and ends January 7th. You can learn more on the Kim Family Auction site or donate directly to the fund on this website.

Crafty Girl on a Bike

Crafty Girl on a Bike is actually run by a crafty girl who is riding a bike from Canada to Mexico! You can see Ryan & Kristen's actual bike path here. Kristen has created the most wonderful little animals, my favorite! The little brown deer is so cute. I just want to kiss that sweet little face! The squirrel finger puppet is also adorable. Of course I'm also very fond of the mushroom broach, as well as the smiling green turtle. But my absolute favorite (surprise, surprise) is the brown dog. Isn't it wonderful? Not sure what the timeline for holiday delivery is, but my guess is you had better get your order in asap.

Paper Stories

You will find lots of beautiful letterpressed stationery at Paper Stories. I am fascinated by the architectural images set. And the seed packet cards are so lovely! I especially love the eggplant and artichoke images. The what did I ever seen in you card would have come in oh so handy in the past! And, for the holidays, you can purchase the melted snowman card set. Read more about this lovely business on the Paper Stories blog.

Hip Chicks Boutique

I’ve featured Hip Chicks Boutique before because I love the style of their clothing. Now they have adorable tees that are custom made with hand cut appliqués and hand painted details. Each one is unique & the appliqués are available in any of the Hip Chicks fabrics, so it’s easy to have one designed to coordinate with one of the Hip Chicks pants or skirts. Since they are custom made you can also add a name or nick name at no extra cost. The tees only take 3-4 business days to ship so they make great holiday gifts. And for a limited time, they are offering the tees at an introductory price of $25.00 for a limited time. Perfect for holiday shopping!

Simple Sparrow

Looking for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite seamstress? Take a look at the beautiful pin cushions by Simple Sparrow. I love the measuring tape fabric used on this one and the pretty baby blue and vintage ribbon on this one. The patchwork pincushion and needle book sets are also lovely. Simple Sparrow has also created a lovely bird nest ornament and stuffed rabbit that is so much fun. Be sure to place your order before December 20th to receive it in time for the holidays.

Gryphon's Feather Studio

The Gryphon's Feather Studio on Etsy was recently updated with some lovely handmade Christmas ornaments. I love the Holly Jolly Wollie and the Wintry Woolie that are made from repurposed felted wool sweaters. And these gorgeous teardrop earrings would make a wonderful gift for someone special. I have to mention the adorable little birdies, too. Check out the Gryphon's Feather Studio blog for more updates and behind-the-scenes information.

So Charmed

Jodi Bloom is the collector turned designer behind So Charmed, a unique line of handmade jewelry and accessories. I love the wide variety of necklaces Jodi has created. The Bound Heart piece is very captivating. The charm bracelets are especially interesting, such as the For Buffy bracelet. I love the handcuff ends! You will find equally captivating pieces in the earring and pin sections, too. And don't miss the lovely Poison Pen cards, lovely greeting cards complete with a wearable pin.

Holiday Funky Finds III

Michelle Caplan, talented mixed media artist, is offering Funky Finds readers a 10% discount on all products in her Etsy shop. Just type FUNKY in the "message to seller" box when checking out & Michelle will send you a revised invoice. Michelle also has fabulous items for sale through Cafe Press. (Note that the discount only applies to her Etsy shop.) Another great gift idea that can be purchased through Etsy are Belinda's pouches. I love the black & white notions fabric. Also, I'm sure there are several people on your holiday gift list that would enjoy the cool cards designed by Lou Patrou. And when looking for unique wrapping papers for any special occassion look to French Paper. Don't miss these terrific gift tags and holiday card set by Seamripper either. I absolutely adore the illustrations on these!

Smartass Cookie

Smartass Cookie has a fun take on the Chinese fortune cookie. First, you choose the fortune of your liking. Perhaps it's "Confucius says you suck" or maybe one with the "in bed" added to the end. Then you choose the type of top you'd like it printed on. There are different types of tees to choose from, hoodies, and tracksuits. Each design includes a set of lucky numbers and a Chinese fortune that is loosely translated as "sexy crazy fierce wisdom." This would make a fun gift for your favorite smartass this year!


BB&PPINC, spoken "B B and P Pink", is a very fun company with lots of great illustrations printed on various items. The main characters, BB and Pezya, are featured in various books that are printed in limited editions. You can also purchase prints of some of the illustrations featured in the books. I absolutely adore the cards, especially the holiday card (sadly, it is sold out). And the shirts featuring these lovely characters are just too much fun. Check out all the whimsical items BB&PPINC has to offer.


Delphine de Chabalier, founder of Leaf, recently informed me about a limited edition product she is currently selling. The leaf tea travel kit is a terrific collection of teas in a handy travel kit by Parisian designer Les Petites Emplettes. The reusable travel kit is made of natural wool felt, linen and cotton and includes 6 mini tins filled with 100% natural leaf teas and little paper filters. Such a great idea for those who travel and still want a nice cup of tea. You can purchase a wide array of teas at Leaf as well as utensils. I love the miraculous tea maker. Also, 10% of Leaf's profits are donated to charity. Isn't that fabulous?

My Bonnie & Clyde

My Bonnie & Clyde offers artists of all mediums the opportunity to gain exposure by providing a shop in which to sell their various wares. You'll find all kinds of cool items from purses to indie music. There's also beautiful stockings made out of vintage materials by Enderby. My Bonnie & Clyde also offers cards by some of my favorite designers such as Paper Relics and paper piles by One Good Bumblebee. I love the Oh Deer! notepad by La Karta that is covered in the cutest vintage material. There are so many wonderful products here...won't you take a moment to look around?

Trixie Delicious

Trixie Delicious sells "vandalized vintage stuff" that make a bold statement. Take a look at this erotic bowl set & you will see exactly what I mean! There are plenty of humorous pieces to choose from including the kiss and tell set. I also like brainwashed and nonsense. My mother would probably say that the brat plate is fitting for me. You can also customize a plate with a word of your choice.

Little Dear

I recently learned about Little Dear through Crafty Synergy and just had to share. Aside from the adorable deer in the logo, Little Dear has lots of wonderful items to choose from. There's terrific artwork such as this painting, and these fun little pieces called Noms. According to the description, Noms are tiny, one of a kind gnome figurines, sculpted from clay and hand painted. And how cute are the Noms buttons? Also, don't miss the great plushies like this fat kitty.


Milkypop is full of cool items created by Megan in Minnesota. Her custom button jewelry is so unique & funky. You can choose from the extensive catalog of 1" buttons & have them turned into dangle earrings, pendants, and much more. Megan also creates beautiful mirrors covered in various materials such as kimono fabric and pretty papers. And aren't these tops lovely? Please note that orders need to be placed by December 12 in order to receive them by Christmas.

Wonderland Q

Alison Gordon and Suzy Coady, the creative forces behind Wonderland Q, say life is too short to be badly accessorized. I couldn't agree more! I love the adorable embroidered chick purse, as well as the little piggie bag. And look at the cool graphic screen printed on the first aid pouch. You'll find several whimsical animals that you can have silkscreened on scarves, too. There's lots of greeting cards complete with iron-on patches and this adorable chick onsie. Also, every purchase until December 20th will receive a free 2006 silkscreened acrylic felt ornament. Fabulous!

Broadway Paper

Have you ever heard the term papivore? I had not until reading the bio of Tracie Stier-Johnson, owner of Broadway Paper. She says, "at broadwaypaper.com, papivores across the country can access our delectable line of goodies morning, noon or night!" I love this term because I absolutely love pretty patterned & decorative papers. Perfect for the holiday season is the beautiful aqua and red cardinal wrapping paper & coordinating loops note cards. The mittens soy candle is too cute and I love the letterpressed peace ornament cards. There's lots of products for various occassions at Broadway Paper, including bachelorette parties, birthdays, weddings, and much more. Also, check out the extensive collection of holiday products.

Bookworm Suki

Bookworm Suki makes beautiful handmade books, journals & notepads that make perfect holiday gifts. The mini notebooks are great for jotting down lists. And look at all the fabulous patterns you can choose from! I especially love the green deer. There are also magnetic notepads which are very handy. My favorite item is the lovely ribbon book complete with hard cover & 100 hand-cut blank pages. And don't miss the mini notebook gift sets that are currently on sale for the holiday season.

Holiday Funky Finds II

The handmade candles by Zouzou Candles will make a lovely gift for so many people on your list this holiday season. And what better way to top off a wrapped gift than with handpainted gift tags by Yarn Girl Stuff? The O Holi Tree ornaments at Gifts Define are a perfect adornment for your Christmas tree & each ornament is unique. There's also adorable bon bon ornament kits from Inspire Company, one of my favorite bloggers, and terrific penguin ornaments from Sewing Stars. And if these little kitties by Nnahong aren't the cutest little things, I don't know what is! For the gift that keeps on giving all year long we have the fabulous earring of the month club from Tilting Swiftly. Aren't the earrings gorgeous? All of these unique items are sure to make this holiday season very special for you & your loved ones.

Art Auction

Fabulous animal rescuer Bernie Berlin is currently holding an art auction to raise funds for her rescue operation. The auction is running December 1 thru the 10th on eBay. Her eBay ID is aplace2bark if you can't access the auction throught the link. I think Bernie ran into some snags when uploading pieces to the auction, so look for more items to appear any time. All of the art pieces were lovingly donated by various artists, crafters and animal lovers. Bernie does such wonderful selfless work. This auction is an important fundraiser for her work. Please take a look & bid if you are able. You can also donate directly to Bernie through her blog. The funds go toward vet bills, operating costs, vaccinations, and much more.

Geek + Nerd

Luckily I am a friend on Geek + Nerd's MySpace so I was amongst the first to learn of their fabulous ornaments in their Etsy shop. Here you will find the cutest Christmas trees, adorable mushrooms, and lovely angels. There's also plenty of other wonderful non-holiday related goods to choose from as well. The beautiful hand knit starbust hat is a winner. And the Bonnie bands are just too cute!

Mary Richmond Designs

Mary Richmond is a fabulous artist who is using her talents to raise money for the MSPCA, an organization dedicating to protecting & saving neglected animals. Mary handpaints the ornaments with your choice of breed of dog, cat, or bird. All ornaments are fully glazed and strung with a ribbon for hanging. Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds will go to the MSPCA to help homeless animals. Most ornaments are $15 although having a pet painted from your photo can be done for a $25 donation. Also, December 15 is the last day orders will be accepted. You can contact Mary directly through her blog to order the ornaments. You can see more of Mary's work on her website, too. And don't miss her Etsy shop which is full of beautiful watercolors, handpainted tiles, jewelry and much more.