BB&PPINC, spoken "B B and P Pink", is a very fun company with lots of great illustrations printed on various items. The main characters, BB and Pezya, are featured in various books that are printed in limited editions. You can also purchase prints of some of the illustrations featured in the books. I absolutely adore the cards, especially the holiday card (sadly, it is sold out). And the shirts featuring these lovely characters are just too much fun. Check out all the whimsical items BB&PPINC has to offer.


Anonymous said...

HEy, just wanted to leave a shout out that i LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!! your blog!!! I have you in favorites, and I check your stuff everyday(if not more) you always find the best and hippest places ever! Keeping our shopping in America can be a tough one, but you've found some absolutely brilliant beautiful artists and craftsmen, for me to shop from.

Thanks Again!!


Anonymous said...

These cards are too cute. Great find. k

cruststation said...

Oh what an adorable website and great cards, thanks!