Palmer Cash

Palmer Cash is a fabulous source for vintage tees and vintage iron-ons. You have to laugh at many of these tees, namely the "I only rap caucasianally" tee and "a baby stole my dingo"! I like the "I rule" and cool guitar tees. Now I will warn you...some of these could potentially offend you, but you're probably used to that around here by now. If you'd like to represent Napolean Dynamite, here's a tee for you. Or how about a strange little creature called the Murkur? There's also lots of cool guys tees, too.

Zebra Hall

Zebra Hall is full of extraordinary gifts & toys from all over the world. How fun are these bone calculators and good dog staplers? I really want these Japanese mini dessert erasers and these puzzle print colored pencils. Other fun items include the digital animal alarm clocks, knit animal backpacks (only for 4-10 years olds? yeah right!), and these ice cream bear bath sponges. Don't miss the fun with your dog kit either!

Greer Chicago

Greer Chicago is a shop that carries so many wonderful products...I don't even know where to start! They carry stationery from several of my favorite indie designers, such as 16 Sparrows and Art School Girl. There's also fabulous cards by Saturate Designs, Binth, Snow & Graham, and many more. You'll also find beautiful journals, fun Cavallini erasers, and terrific invitations. And look at these! I could go on all day. Take a moment (or ten) to peruse on your own.

Little Otsu

Little Otsu is a San Francisco based company that is run by two vegans, Yvonne & Jeremy. I mention the vegan part because it goes along with their mission to provide sweatshop-free and vegan goods, while supporting a small-scale, DIY economy. Sounds fabulous, no? The Little Otsu shop is jam packed with lots of cool goods. I love these gift tags designed by Kate Sutton, as well as this pink elephant journal. And how fantastic is the pirate stationery set? I adore these cute otters on a tee & here's a lovely mushroom tee to go with the latest shroom craze! Listed under oddities (so appropriate!) is this little Salary Man doll that pays homage to the Japanese businessman. I have to give a shout out to this CraftyBitch coffee cuff set, if for the name alone. Check out all the lovely products Little Otsu has to offer.

Bella of Cape Cod

Thanks to a Funky Find reader for letting me know about Bella of Cape Cod, a cool online shop run by Megan and Catherine. There's lots of fun goodies to choose from and nothing is over $25! I think the ribbon slide bracelets complete with sterling silver charms are adorable. You can order extra ribbons to change out for different looks. There's also these beautiful fashion necklaces. I can't even narrow it down to my favorite one! Other goodies include the beautiful iPod & cell phone cases, funky fabric hair ponies, and a very cool starfish tee. These ladies also sell a great bracelet to raise money for breast cancer research, as well as silver pendants you can sell in order to raise money for your group.

Crafty Scientist

The Crafty Scientist is one Dayna Mankowski, a part time Pharmacist, part-time Biomedical Researcher, and full time crafter. Sounds like an interesting combo, doesn't it? Check out these beaker candles and this adorable gnome skirt. Lovely! There's also these fun failed experiment earrings and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Funky Monkey lunch bag! Also of note is The Crafty Scientist's charitable deeds. For the calendar year, 10% of all sales (except cat toys and mats) will go to the Couture Fund for the Children. Also, 100% of all proceeds from Cat and Dog toys and treats will go to local animal rescue/shelter organizations. $2.00 of each Cat Mat will go to Cause for Paws.


Looking for a fabulous purse for yourself or for someone else? Well, look no further. My favorite Norweigan, Cecilie, has just recently opened her own Etsy shop. The shop is named ie which is also Cecilie's nickname. How great is the Pinkie bag complete with cool bamboo handles? I adore the Lillie bag that is a beautiful blue & brown combonation. I am also really loving the shape of the Dottie bag which is from Cecilie's own original pattern. Check Cecilie's blog for updates & more.

Fisk & Fern

Fisk & Fern has a nice little assortment of fun cards & other crafty products. This tree image made from a hand-carved stamp is lovely, as is the silver leaf. I really dig these fun little collaged monster cards and these great dessert cards! And how much fun are the cupcakes and the cheerful hello?

Smashing Cards

Smashing Cards is full of fun whimsical stationery, cards & invitations. I love the fashion cards that can be personalized with your name or monogram. If you're looking for original lingerie shower cards, check out these. I am really digging the bride & groom thank you cards, as well. There's also these great nifty notes and personalized stationery.


Peggy Lo is the owner of Figments, a shop that is stocked with lots of cool paper goods. I love the super cute Japanese stationery & letterpress booklets from Portugal. She also stocks this great address & phone book by Suki. I've mentioned the wonderful Atelier LZC before & you will find their tea towels, napkins & address book at Figments. If you are looking for a really unique gift, check out the Mr. & Mrs. Jones juicer. Also, look at these shadow boxes by designer Suzi Cozzens. I love "Be Mine." If you find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island, be sure to stop by the Figments storefront.

Going Green...In the Office

Do you read Body + Soul magazine? In the September issue there is an interesting article titled Eco Office Space by Josie Garthwaite. The writer points out that while it once was inconvenient & expensive to implement green practices in the work place, it is now affordable & easy. Doing so also bolsters the bottom line by cutting energy & material costs, says Garthwaite. I wanted to highlight some of the cool products featured in this article. One company is Motherboard Gifts which creates high quality gift products utilizing reclaimed circuit boards and other fun and unique materials, such as clipboards and cd storage cases. My favorite item featured is the staple free stapler from Made by Humans. Tree Smart makes pencils out of tightly rolled newsprint and Eco-smart Stationery has refillable markers. You can find more ecofriendly office products in Body + Soul magazine.

Pencil Shavings

While reading the Indie Shopping blog I came across Pencil Shavings, the art site of Kate Dolamore. Kate's birthday was August 14th, so she is having a sale that runs through September 7th. I absolutely adore the shadow play stationery! The Tin Can Correspondence print is a great piece, as is Robot. I am really loving the illustrations on all the cards, especially the You Are Cool card complete with an adorable penguin. Be sure to download the hip paper doll for some fun & note that shipping on all orders is only $1 regardless of your purchase.

Norma Lynn

If I've said it once I've said it a million times...I love plush, knit & crochet food! Norman Lynn Hood makes the most adorable crochet food sachets. And what's even cooler is that she donates her profits to many fabulous non-profit organizations! The desserts look good enough to eat. I love chocolate decadence and the cordial cups! There's also delightful cheesecakes, beautiful fairy cakes, and savoury sweets to choose from. You can purchase her products at Crafters for Critters, as well.

Just My Type Letterpress

Lynn Gregory is the owner, designer & printer of Just My Type Letterpress' original & wonderful products. This card is my absolute favorite! Who couldn't use one of these every now & then (or perhaps daily)? I also love the "Gosh, I'm so glad we're friends" card. There are gorgeous Asian-inspired cards, fun retro sporting cards, and cool vintage logo cards. Lynn has done a terrific job at setting herself apart in a crowded market!


Zaum has some of the coolest pouches & bags I've seen lately. My favorite products are the minis which come in some very unexpected shapes, such as the Tetra Grande. The Piatta Piccola minis are quite adorable as well. There's lots of cool purses too. I especially like the Spesa bag. Check out the Scratches & Bruises section which consists of slightly damaged bags at a low price.

Rainy Prints

Sherry of Rainy Prints creates the most fabulous linocut prints. I love this get well soon card & matching bandaid stickers, as well as this piggy. You can even see the process through which Sherry made this piece. The panda cell phone card is a hoot & I think this red apple print is beautiful. And aren't these animal bookmarks adorable? I also adore the blue whale and the evil lady prints. If you are interested in a custom piece, contact Sherry via email to discuss.


Missyblue is full of unique handmade items. I love this hip cherries jubilee diaper bag and the adorable cherrybomb purses complete with cherry lining. There's lots of cute pouches & change purses to choose from. But the best product may just be the cd cases, especially the Hello Kitty case! Missyblue also has a couple of bags for sale on the fabulous Crafters for Critters site I've written about before.

Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid has some of the coolest (and zaniest) products. I love these undies rubberbands! I seriously need one of these beverage chillers as I am always drinking something at work. Other fun office items are the dog cable fix, the elephant paper shredder & pencil sharpener, and the variety meats pencil toppers. There's also tons of cool barware. I especially love the animags cocktail markers. And the sushi dog toys are a hoot! I don't think there's enough room on here for me to list all the cool items Perpetual Kid has to offer, so spend some time looking around & amusing yourself when you get a chance!

Turtle Papers

Turtle Papers is full of whimsical, modern designs I know you will love. I think this giraffe tee is so much fun! They also offer lots of adorable children's tees that are hand screen printed. My favorites are I'm Fearless and the hippos. And who wouldn't want a seahorse tee? There's several adorable onsies, as well. I am really drawn to their holiday collection of stationery. So fun & graphic - not your typical run of the mill cards at all. And the birthday cards are divine! Don't miss the "never give up" card. I adore the carrot! There are so many fabulous designs on this site. Take a moment & look around.

16 Sparrows

I knew 16 Sparrows was a company I loved the minute I read their tagline: Where sarcasm is folded in half. Just my style! Also, in an effort to offer sustainable and environmentally conscious products, they are now printing their cards on recycled paper with soy-based inks. The effin' birthday cards could be misunderstood by some (ie: boring people), so make sure you send them to a recipient with as warped a sense of humor as yourself. Same goes for their newest card, effin' thanks, and this hilarious "knocked up" card. I really love the telegram stationery that comes with a cool envelope complete with an official looking metal clasp. And how great is this to do list? You will also find very cool handmade envelopes made of vintage papers and maps. I'm dying to order a surprise grab bag, as well! Read the 16 Sparrows blog for announcements & other fun stuff.


t8designs is an Etsy shop full of cool handmade items that range from tote bags to jewelry. Check out this unique necklace made out of the inner workings of a wristwatch. And here's one fashioned out of a vintage belt buckle. How adorable is this honey bee necklace? I love this navy corduroy tote bag with a bright green Granny Smith apple on it. There's also this cool "science is sexy" tote! Check out all the cool goods that t8designs offers.

Smeeta's Bits & Bytes

Have you ever wondered what blog really looks like? Well, let me introduce you to him. Isn't he cute? Smeeta's Bits & Bytes is full of fun felt accessories like Mister Cumulus cloud here. I love the button mushroom brooch, and of course the cheeky monkey! Mister Mustard is also tons of fun. You gotta love condiments with persona, right? Smeeta's also has some cool jewelry, such as this pistachio glass cab ring. Check out all the products Smeeta's has to offer.

Kung Fu Cowgirl

Kung Fu Cowgirl is an Etsy shop that is full of fun & unique items. There's the adorable Hello Kitty bathtime coin purse, as well as the little bunny Foo Foo tote bag that are too cute. I am also loving the sushi tote and the sweet tooth coin purse. And if you happen to be looking for food with persona, have a looksie at the Mister Plain Burger & Mister Sad Burger. I'm sure somebody out there has been on the hunt for plush Pacman characters, so here you go!

Joy by Mel Lim

Mel & Joe, a young designer couple in San Fransico, started Joy by Mel Lim which is, in their words, "literally a fusion of Chinese culture with western modern lifestyle." The Heaven & Earth collection is full of beautiful bold grahics. I love the endless knot designs, as well as the hopping hares. Of course I love the monkey riding a horse in the Joy Nature collection, along with the butterfly that is a beautiful aqua & orange combo. The stitch & weave cards are carefully stitched & hand woven with beautiful satin ribbons. They have also designed gorgeous wrapping paper, boxes, and gift tags. Check out the avaiable assortment packs, too.

Henrietta Fahrenheit

Henrietta Fahrenheit's bio says, "We bring all the creative species together, from fashion designers to crafters to artists and musicians to those who support their efforts. What we all have in common is a DIY ethic and community sensibility." That last part really struck a chord with me, as I've been in awe at discovering this movement, if you will, of people seeking out indie artists' work as opposed to mass-produced goods. I love the guns tank top and snob tee by Two Nubs. There's something to be said for straightforwardness! I was extremely thrilled to discover this octopus birthday card. And how cool is this black & white clutch made entirely of duct tape!? This lovely bag is made from duct tape, too. There's lots of unique pieces of jewelry to choose from, my favorite being the dangle earrings. Be sure to check out Cara Taylor's recycled bags, too.

Calypso Cards

Calypso Cards is the exclusive U.S. distributor of cards from the British company The Art Group and J&M Martinez Limited. I love the illustrations on the Calypso belated birthday cards. Take a look at all the wonderful love & thinking of you cards. Harry Hedgehog and Stretched Sam are fabulous! And how adorable are those little mice on the "You're Lovely!" card? There are some really funny images in the new home section. Calypso Cards also publishes Selfish Kitty & Kitty's Muse cards. The Kitty's Muse line is all about bold, fun graphics coupled with feminine wit. Each card face in the Selfish Kitty series features a simple image and text. Inside greetings take an unexpected turn from the front, and deliver a dry, sometimes sarcastic, message. Brilliant! The new baby cards may just be my favorite. Be sure to check out the great fashion images on the photography notecards, as well.

KiWi Cuties

KiWi Cuties is a line of ninja-approved clothing featuring the original artwork of K.Werner. According to the bio on Etsy, Nine out of ten ninjas agree that KiWi Cuties rocks out loud. I got a big kick out of the Nunchuk McNoodle tee! I love the pink ninja tee, as well as the relax, I'm a ninja tee. How clever is this "you compute me" card? I love the illustrations on the gal pals stickers, too. And of course my favorite item is this adorable chihuahua onsie!


Candlelight is full of beautiful jewelry & accessories made by a very crafty girl known in blogland as Momo. The gold plated Indian summer earrings are stunning and I love the feminine porcelain flower ring. And how cute are these lady earrings? She also makes the prettiest hair accessories, such as hairpins & hairties. Momo also has a softie shop on Etsy where she sells her fabulous potsticker girls!

Mirage Paper Co.

Mirage Paper Co. is full of cool journals with bold, graphic designs. I love the paisley designs, as well as the metro pink journal. The nature & flowers set is beautifully designed, too. What's really cool are the twisty books. These are pocket-sized notebooks that are bound with a rivet & include 60 white lined sheets. The covers are reversible. So cool! There's also journals covered with Japanese papers, but my favorite journals are the pet ones. You can purchase notebooks, journals and photo albums with delightful dog & cat illustrations. Carolyn Gavin has a collection of notecards that have fantastic designs, too. Check out all the products today.

De*Nada Design

De*Nada Design was created by Washington, DC, designer and artist Virginia Blanca ArrisueƱo. Her hip, urban-style handbags are fantastic. You are able to customize a handbag to reflect your unique style and there's a fabric for your every mood. Just pick your favorite style, then your exterior fabric and interior lining, and place your order. There are large hobos, mini totes (my fav!), evening bags, and cool totes. View the whole collection here & start designing your own today.

Greenbean Baby

Greenbean Baby is a fabulous Etsy shop that is full of terrific handmade cards. That may sound like a lot of shops I have featured, but what sets Greenbean Baby apart from the others is that all of the designs are made up of paper piecings. If you've ever tried cutting little shapes by hand, you know that it is detailed, intricate work that takes much patience & time. I love Pippie with her cute braided pigtails & look at these adorable fluffy slippers! The bridal shower invitations are divine, as are the decorated mini file folders. Check out all the great work by Greenbean Baby & read up on her latest designs & more on her blog.

Plummy Awards

Have you heard of the First Annual Plummy Awards? I first read about it on someone's blog & immediately went to the site & started nominating some of the many crafters, bloggers, and artists that I admire & whose sites I visit daily. It looks like the voting has been extended to August 31, so what are you waiting for? Start nominating & voting now! There's lots of my favorite sites nominated, like My Paper Crane who has gotten so much press lately, and deservedly so! Other well-known sites nominated include WhipUp, Craftster, and The Black Apple. I have featured several of the nominees previously, such as Elaine Perlov, Boy Girl Party, and Pink Loves Brown. But I also discovered lots of fabulous sites that I had not seen before. Not to mention the cool goods in the Plum of the Month shop. You'd better get crackin'; it's hard to narrow it down to one nominee for each category!

SpoonFed Art

Los Angeles-based independent designer Karin Collins' is the creative force behind SpoonFed Art. Her unique, handmade wearable art spoon pendants can be found in the gallery section. I love this artistic take on an ordinary object we use daily. A tiny canvas to showcase her artistic talent! In reading this article on Style Envy, I discovered that Karin began this venture while recovering from a 15 year eating disorder. Also, each pendant is packaged in a fun, unexpected box that apparently is a work of art itself. All SpoonFed designs are 10% during the month of August.

Femmina Style

After a brief hiatus, is back with a new stock of vintage apparel and they are offering free shipping August 16 through August 31st. Just use code freeshipping at checkout! specializes in quality vintage clothing and accessories from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's, as well as one-of-a-kind handmade items. I for one would love to sport this brown floral sundress for the rest of the summer. And how adorable is this keyhole sweater? I also love this floral tank top. Another great dress is this red & black floral piece. There's plenty of funky, cool handmade jewelry to choose from, as well as bags & other accessories. Owner Anissa Mook is also the founder of the fabulous site


The creative genius behind Samariad, which is the Welsh word for "samaritan," is Beth Abdallah. Her handcrafted & one-of-a-kind jewelry is beautiful. I love these earrings that are made using purple fresh water pearls. These saffron & burgundy earrings are also gorgeous. I absolutely love this cranberry & garnet necklace, too; however, I believe my favorite designs are the lanyards. They are all stunning! Also of note is Beth's Good Samaritan Fund section. All proceeds from sales of the products in this section, minus 10% for material costs, are donated to the Good Samaritan Fund at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center.

Lillie's Five & Dime

Lillie's Five & Dime is full of fun retro handmade & vintage goods. The cutie coin purses are just that, cute! I love the vintage kitty print, as well as the vintage images found on several of the purses. The barnyard buddies are a hoot! My favorite is the polka dot piggy. There are several beautiful pillows to choose from and lots of cool cards, too. Be sure to check out the vintage cards & sewing notions also.

Clothing of the American Mind

Clothing of the American Mind is a grassroots company that recently introduced their first full organic cotton clothing line for women, men and children. All shirts are American-made & sweatshop-free, as well as printed on super-soft 100% certified organic cotton. Regardless of your political views, I'm sure most of us can agree that voting is a very important privilege that we all need to participate in. Hence the Vote for Change tee. And I'd venture a guess that you will agree that the My Bush is Pro-choice tee is humorous while making an important statement. The Stop Wars tee is a cool take on the Star Wars logo. I'm sure that some will find a few of these designs to be inappropriate or what have you, but I believe that as long as we get people talking & involved we have done some good.

In Craft We Trust

Kim Tyler is a corporate clothing designer who "just has to create limited edition and 1-of-a-kind things in my spare time or else I will go crazy!!!" Hence the creation of her Etsy shop In Craft We Trust. She makes the cutest tees and onsies with fabric appliques. And how fun is this foxy bag? I think many of us can relate to these buttons, or perhaps this one! Since skull and crossbones designs are so hot right now, here's a tank to keep us cool this summer. Kim also makes these cool shrink plastic gift tags. Check out her blog, as well.

Jennifer Causey

Jennifer Causey is an excellent photographer who captures beauty in every day life. You can purchase beautiful prints of her photographs on her Etsy site, Simply Photo. Jennifer says, "I am inspired by nature, design, form and color." This really comes across in the way that she captures ordinary scenes in such an interesting light. For instance, the vintage fans print is stunning. And I love the blue door print. Such a stunning composition. The summer pods are gorgeous, too. Jennifer has also made some of her prints into cards, such as this coffee sign card. You can contact Jennifer for more information if you are interested in purchasing her works.

Indie Holidays

I've been planning to feature the Indie Holidays shopping guide in the future, but as my blog buddie Jeanette mentioned the "C" word today - meaning Christmas for all you gutter minds out there - I realize it isn't too soon to post this. The back to school section features some very popular crafters that I've discovered as of late, and some that are new to me. For instance, this i-Pod friendly messenger tote by Gerbera Designs is beautiful. Seeing as how it's been such a hot summer, I know a lot of us are looking forward to autumn & its delights. Aren't these gold filigree earrings stunning? One of my favorite crafters, Carrie Sommer, is also featured. Her aprons are beautiful! The gourd box from Peru is also a very unique find. I really like the items featured under halloween treats, too. These little guys are so cute! If you are an independent crafter, you can apply to have your items featured on Indie Holidays and/or Craft Revolution.

Lindsay Designs

Lindsay Designs is a one-woman run boutique based out of Northern California. All of the items are designed & created by, you guessed it, Lindsay! What initially drew me to this site were the adorable dog collars. These are much more fun than what you will find at your local Wal-Mart. I love the mod print collar, as well as the sweet argyle print. Lindsay also makes very stylish harnesses and leashes, as well as cat collars. Lindsay makes things for us humans to wear, too, like these great ribbon belts. The cherries are terrific! And if you want to see something truly adorable, check out all the pictures from Lindsay's photo contest. Such beautiful animals!

Made With Love By Hannah

Made With Love By Hannah is full of cool hand screen printed items. I seriously need several of these beautiful skirts. Who wouldn't look adorable in a skirt adorned with gnomes & toadstools? And the apples are just begging to be mine! I also love the wycinanki skirts, as well as the bukarest skirts. There are lots of fabulous tops to complete your wardrobe, too. The valentine top that is trimmed in black ric rac is so sweet. And how about a toadstool tee to accompany your gnome skirt? There's lots of other fun stuff, including these adorable knick knack notecards. Talk about originality! I love it.

Nineteen Seventy Three

Husband and wife team James and Emma Emmerson make up the creative company Nineteen Seventy Three. They have lots of intriguing cards, such as the cooters everyday cards. What a hoot! I really like the graphics on the every day people cards as well. They also sell a collection of Catalina Estrada's cards that are interesting. There are some rather risque cards under coulouring-in XXX, so don't say I didn't warn you. They are undeniably interesting if nothing else. The eden gift wraps are really eye-catching. I love the bold graphics on these papers. 1973 also does commissions if you are interested.


Linda is the talented jewelry maker behind Bellaceti, a word she says is made up but one she finds beautiful. The candy hearts necklace, remniscent of red hot candies, is so much fun. And the candy jade necklace looks good enough to eat - or better yet, wear! I am really loving the cherry necklace, too. The candy carnival earrings would go nicely with it. And here's a pair for those of us who love modern design, as well as a coordinating bracelet. How beautiful is the pink posy ring? I could go on & on listing each & every beautiful piece from Bellaceti. Instead, why don't you take a moment to peruse the site & treat yourself?

Purple Pink & Orange

I just wanted to let everyone know about the fabulous sale Purple Pink & Orange is having. Talk about steals! There are terrific cards, beautiful earrings, gorgeous stitch markers, and much more. Don't forget about their blog which is a great way to stay updated on new products, sales, and more.

Tiny Marie

Tiny Marie is a design studio owned and operated by Tiffany Pushkar and it is full of one of a kind, handmade bags and accessories. I love the Jac Mini wristlet bag, as well as the Ava clutch. The Bianca wristlet is absolutely stunning. Tiffany also makes gorgeous earrings out of vintage beads. You can see her beautiful custom bags, such as this baby bag, in her gallery.


Chiemitti is an Etsy shop run by a transplant Texan. I
love the mini photo albums, especially this one covered in vintage zoo wrapping paper. I also like this zebra album. And look at the funny octopus...splendid! There are also lots of fabulous cards. I am really drawn to the green bench and flying plane postcards. Be sure to check out Chiemitti's website that is full of terrific illustrations & photos.

Wild Garden

Wild Garden has a unique range of tshirt apparel and accessories created by Sydney based designers and sisters Jessica and Nancy Lim. I love the dandelion tank top which would be oh so comfy to wear today considering it's 105 degrees farenheit! And this eggplant tee with a wrap around design is beautiful. I really like the men's tees with the cityscape design, as well. Check out the adorable children's tees. I want an elephant tee for myself! They currently have two really cool tote bags to choose from, too. Wild Garden is also committed to giving back to the global community, so a portion of all profits are donated to UNICEF.

Nate Williams

Nate Williams has spent the last three years traveling & living in South & Central America. I am completely in love with his artwork, namely his black & white works. He also does all this really cool hand lettering that has been featured in numerous places. And don't miss his color works either, because they too are fabulous. Nate's artwork is featured on three tees; however, they appear to only be available for purchase in Argentina & Buenos Aires at the moment. But you can contact Nate to commission your own artwork if you would like.

Sweet Thunder

Sweet Thunder is an independent design studio located in Chicago comprised of two artists, Jenny Mangun & RJ Porter. All of their whimsical, childlike, & fun goods are handmade with an emphasis on using recycled, reconstructed, rare vintage & antique materials. Check out all the fabulous cards they have created. I especially love the tall card with the pink poodle on it, as well as the short snake & lemon card. There are tons of cool earrings & necklaces to choose from. I personally would like a pair of the black & white lattice earrings. And I love this beauty! You can also find some really unique accessories for weddings at Sweet Thunder, or have them design custom jewelry & invitations for your next event. They are having a sale at the moment, too.