Peggy Lo is the owner of Figments, a shop that is stocked with lots of cool paper goods. I love the super cute Japanese stationery & letterpress booklets from Portugal. She also stocks this great address & phone book by Suki. I've mentioned the wonderful Atelier LZC before & you will find their tea towels, napkins & address book at Figments. If you are looking for a really unique gift, check out the Mr. & Mrs. Jones juicer. Also, look at these shadow boxes by designer Suzi Cozzens. I love "Be Mine." If you find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island, be sure to stop by the Figments storefront.


Penny said...

That LOVE that site! I'm finding so many great Christmas and gift ideas from your find the coolest stuff!

Melissa A said...

I love this site! Very cute froggies!

hiphostess said...

this website is great! Thanks so much for the find. I'm definitely posting on the Atelier LZC collection soon!

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