Henrietta Fahrenheit

Henrietta Fahrenheit's bio says, "We bring all the creative species together, from fashion designers to crafters to artists and musicians to those who support their efforts. What we all have in common is a DIY ethic and community sensibility." That last part really struck a chord with me, as I've been in awe at discovering this movement, if you will, of people seeking out indie artists' work as opposed to mass-produced goods. I love the guns tank top and snob tee by Two Nubs. There's something to be said for straightforwardness! I was extremely thrilled to discover this octopus birthday card. And how cool is this black & white clutch made entirely of duct tape!? This lovely bag is made from duct tape, too. There's lots of unique pieces of jewelry to choose from, my favorite being the dangle earrings. Be sure to check out Cara Taylor's recycled bags, too.