Going Green...In the Office

Do you read Body + Soul magazine? In the September issue there is an interesting article titled Eco Office Space by Josie Garthwaite. The writer points out that while it once was inconvenient & expensive to implement green practices in the work place, it is now affordable & easy. Doing so also bolsters the bottom line by cutting energy & material costs, says Garthwaite. I wanted to highlight some of the cool products featured in this article. One company is Motherboard Gifts which creates high quality gift products utilizing reclaimed circuit boards and other fun and unique materials, such as clipboards and cd storage cases. My favorite item featured is the staple free stapler from Made by Humans. Tree Smart makes pencils out of tightly rolled newsprint and Eco-smart Stationery has refillable markers. You can find more ecofriendly office products in Body + Soul magazine.


Nabeel said...

ohhhh very cute bookmarks .. I love them ... I am going to make one myself .. for a loved one :)