Stars & Infinite Darkness

Stars & Infinite Darkness is a cool shop full of handmade goods from various designers. There are so many funky tank tops, like this elephant tank by Lily + Amy. And how cool is this tank by Stella Neptune? There are tons of cool cards to choose from such as "Lil Buzzin Bee" by Satchel & the Colour Blue and "Sausage Dog" by Lisa Jones. Other items I'm loving include these octopus cufflinks, all the beautiful pillows, and the extensive collection of fabulous children's clothing.


emily said...

Happy Birthday (tomorrow, right?) Darlin'!

You are such a sweet pea, and deserve cupcakes and fun all day. My little hedgie with the birthday hat will be there in spirit!

modish/jena said...

Thanks for the Stars and Infinite Darkness referral, that site's awesome! Hey...your b-day isn't August 4th is it? That's MY birthday too! Happy birthday!!