Helena Garcia

You know there's no way I could see this octopus illustration and NOT post about it. What is it about octopi that I love so much? It truly is a mystery. I love the description on the Purple Pink & Orange site: This octupus gets testy with blabbermouths on the phone so watch out! This Vespa print is also adorable. Check out all of Helena's products here.

Orange Button

Orange Button is another fabulous site that sells goods made by independent designers. All items will be sold and held on a consignment basis. I love these cool cards & journals. And this monkey necklace is wonderful! I also love this snail pin and everything in the toys section.


These beautiful cherry blossom thank you notes by Lisa Takao are hand glittered. Fun! These strange flowers notecards are very cool, too. Remember Tobi Woods that I recently featured? You can buy her beautiful products on Trunkt's website. The other categories are full of cool stuff as well (tunics, handbags, etc), but very pricey...for my budget anyway!

Designs by Jenna

With the Great American Scrapbook Convention coming to town next week, I thought we needed a scrap related post. I love these products from Designs by Jenna. This tote bag would be great to carry around all my goodies at the convention. And, of course, I love the tees! If any of my Funky Finds readers will be attending the convention, let me know. I'd love to meet up in person!

The Sampler

According to their site, The Sampler is a marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month various contributors submit materials & they are sent out to subscribers of The Sampler. I love this Green Girls & Robots stationery set. These little duct tape wallets from Fuzz Monkey Boutique certainly caught my eye. This friendly worm mirror is adorable, as is the dinosaur. Learn more about subscribing to The Sampler here. And check out the fun stuff for some fun!

Little Paper Planes

Lots of cool goods on the Little Paper Planes site. I think this tee titled "Moped Love" is adorable. And we have to have some adorable octopi for the day! This koozie is pretty entertaining and I really like this deer necklace. More cute deer in the form of a tote bag. Love this dog & cat love tote, as well.

Chronicle Books

Hello to all the bad girls reading this! Oh, you know you're bad. That's why we all need a set of these Bad Girl's stamps. Don't forget your matching Bad Girl's stationery, sticky notes which look hilarious, and some calling cards for the next time you hit the town! I bought a Bad Girl's calendar for a co-worker last Christmas and it was a constant source of entertainment. They do not disappoint!

Knock Knock

I definitely need one of these for my desk! Or maybe one of these pads would be more fitting. Here's some clever Father's Day gifts. I think lots of people could benefit from a breakup report card. You could get some of these friends receipts, but I'd venture to guess they may render you friendless.


I think these Poketo wallets are fabulous! Love the graphics of the typewriter & octopus especially. And I so need a to-do list with an octopus on it! A whole octopi collection, oh my! A hoodie, as well.


Lots of cool and original designs at Sidepony like these "I {heart} Corndogs" cards! Not sure why, but these totally crack me up. Or how about "Cool It Mister"? This card is interesting if nothing else. I love the "Calling All Ladies" set...such a nice throw-back to the 70s! These "Get Your Grill On" invites are perfect for all those summer bbqs you'll be hosting this summer. And don't forget to make your resolution come January. Don't miss the cute ladies and baby tees Sidepony has as well.


I love these cards by Iota that allow you to "express your most elemental feelings." They also have some very cool wrapping paper. I love the unexpected designs such as peas in a pod. I really like the tall matchbook style notebooks. And note Iota's clever tagline: Exercise Your Writes!

Cherry Blossoms

Since I love cherry blossoms so much, I figured I'd just compile some of the cherry blossom goodness I've been admiring into one post. Isn't this a beautiful dish? And I adore this necklace and earring set. Of course, you have to assemble it yourself but that could be half the fun! I really must have one of these tees from Delia's, too. Don't miss this beautiful artwork by Renee Pinto. If I was getting married, I would have to have this gorgeous ring pillow. Lastly, have a look at this artwork made of real flowers. Stunning!


Austin-based Paperdolls Precious Paper Goods has lots of beautiful vintage-inspired cards. I especially love the Camellia boxed set, as well as the red & black Sarah Jane set. They've also designed beautiful gift wrap and journals.

Loft Party

My lovely blogging pal Jeanette sent me the link for this site, Loft Party. Talk about eye candy & fun! I absolutely must have these monkey dishes! Check out the fabulous graphics on these magnets. Honestly, I want every single French Bull product on here. Also, check out this awesome cutting board by Joseph Joseph and also all the Andy Warhol beauty!

Smudge Ink

Smudge Ink has lots of beautifully design stationery and cards. Amongst my favorites are the boxed notes, the wood type products and the carvings. Check out all their beautiful products.


I know everyone loves Lovely...if you don't, you really should! I have had the link to this beautiful travel journal for some time now, so I decided to share it today. Maybe it's because I want to take a vacation so badly right now!? I love the colors of this journal. This mail-box full of vintage maps & recycled paper is interesting as well.

Tobi Wood Designs

I love Tobi's info under "meet Tobi." She says, "I believe that anything handmade is a gift. I believe that receiving beautiful things in the mail makes people happy." Amen to that! I love her designs. The notecards are beautiful, especially the grass and stem collections. And I love these journals! You can also get lovely prints of the fabulous designs.


Exit9 is a unique gift boutique indeed. I love this zebra . And I think we could all use one of these stamps every now & then! This photo mobile is cool, and who couldn't use a Mr. T keychain? I can't leave this skull & tennis racket tote out either.


Check out these creative biscuit cards! I also like these animal bookmarks. There's monkeys AND dogs! These message greeting boxes are very cute, too.

Rare Device

I love these journal books made from paper and envelopes from all over the world & hand-bound (is that the correct terminology) into a cloth-covered hardbound book. Each limited-edition journal is unique and may contain maps, blueprints, vellum envelopes and tiny treasures, and is numbered. I also think this set of journals is a very neat idea, as well. This razorblade necklace is very cool, but equally pricey. Ouch! Check out all the other cool goodies Rare Device has to offer.

Plum Party

I've covered products at Plum Party numerous times & they keep on selling awesome goods. Take these bbq invite kits for example. How funny are these? Love them. And these flip flop gummies are so fun. I also adore these vintage looking condiment bottles. Perfect for a Memorial Day celebration!


Nigella & her team have some of the coolest kitchen accessories. I love all the products with this print. So retro. As are these tins. Lately I love cool tea towels and for some reason I'm completely intrigued with this salt pig. That's probably because I've never heard of a salt pig until now!?


If you buy one of these three winning tees from Threadless, they will donate $5 to the American Red Cross. Threadless is a very cool site to which you can submit your own designs. They then allow people to vote on which ones they like...if yours is picked, they print a limited run & you win money! Very cool. I have purchased a shirt from Threadless & they are snug & will shrink (American Apparrel tees).


I love this cherry blossom stationery set. And I don't know what it is with skulls lately, but they are rockin'. I'm a big fan of pink poodles so this set does not disappoint. Don't miss these diva matchbooks and these brunette cards!

Bake Sale Designs

How hilarious is this Mustachio tote by Bake Sale Designs (another logo I love)? These fabric pins are very cool. Reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw might have worn. Rebecca will also take requests for different materials, etc. And I'd like to carry this, please. Love the unexpected shape!

Bijou Boutique

Lourdes Amador is the fabulous designer behind Bijou Boutique. So many beautiful handmade pieces. I especially love this original fabulous ring. She has also created the most beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. She also has a lovely blog you can read here!

International Arrivals

I love these graphic filex folders at International Arrivals. They also have some really cute journals & sketchbooks. And I love this boxed set of photo albums!

Repro Depot

For some time I have been eyeing these desk trays at See Jane Work, a very popular site. I almost bought a couple the other day because they are on sale, but I refrained. I'm sure glad I did. I must now have one of these from Repro Depot! The Pink Sweets tray is fabulous - matching towel here. Of course, I also like the mushrooms, elephants, and yellow animals. How does a girl choose? Check out all the new arrivals for tons of must haves.


I read about Jellio on Decor8 last week I believe it was. I adore this monkey magazine rack! Ingenious. They also sell these wonderful gummi bear lights. Their site says, "Jellio is about combining childhood fun with interior design." I believe they have achieved this in a stunning way!

Bella Muse

Ok, there's an overwhelming amount of loveliness on this site! The "smarty pants" card is completely original and the "you rock" card is just plain fun, as is this Mother's Day card (although I doubt my mom would appreciate the humor). The graphics on these prints are stunning & I desperately need (there's that word again!) a shirt that says "Shoe Whore"! Be sure to check out Urban Alphabet, too. I love Bella Muse!

A Unique Union

A lovely Funky Finds reader passed along the link to A Unique Union...and I'm sure glad she did! Tons of wonderful products on this site. I love the vendor thank you cards that thank those who work so hard behind the scenes of weddings. These cocktail candles and lip balms are intriguing. And these plantable wedding favors are excellent!

Johnny Cupcakes

First & formost I love the Johnny Cupcakes logo! There's lots of cool tees & products on this site, but can somebody please explain to me why they are so over-priced? Or am I insane to think a tee shirt shouldn't cost more than $25 or $30 max??? Anywho, among my favs are this tee and this whale tee (love whales!), and this elephant tee.


Very cool notecards at Remanents. I also like these tees, especially the "every girl needs a good stud" tee! And how cute are these notecard tins? They also have cool gift sets you don't want to miss.

Teesha Moore

Check out these oh so cool stamps by Teesha Moore. Very cool collage images too. More interesting images here and here. Spend some time exploring this wonderful site. You can read Teesha's blog as well and check out her very cool studio.

Underdog Ink

Lisa Solomon has relaunched her t-shirt & craft business, Underdog Ink. My favorites include the frenchies tees, the cool tote bags, and her cute checkbook cozies. Check out all the cool products under shop.

Dog Birthdays & Parties

Found out about this site through Holly's Plate. This site has free dog birthday cake recipes, party supplies for various occassions, and dog party etiquette tips! This is going to come in VERY handy in November when Abigail turns 3!!!

Purple Pink & Orange

I think that every girl needs a pair of smiling banana earrings to brighten her Monday morning. Maybe I need several pairs this week! Check out the other cool new items here. The scented soaps look divine, especially Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Pixelgirl Shop

Pixelgirl Shop is a consignment site for artists & crafters. Lately I adore cool skull prints & these ties & towels are no exception. I also love these arm warmers & scarves. And who doesn't want sushi jewelry? These little guys also want a fun, cuddly home to call their own!

Pooch Finds

Have you heard of Liquid Treat? I just found out about them today, so I was going through the "past treats." They have tons of cool finds, but I was especially intrigued with the sometimes cool, sometimes freaky pet links they listed. Here's a few to humor ya'll. First, the Puppy Purse. My dog Abigail will not wear clothes, much less hang out over my shoulder! How about some bling for your pooch, or better yet yourself? Here's some organic dog treats by Green Dog Company. And these dog tees are pretty entertaining. Also check out these canine cards & such by designer Kim Crisler of Austin, Texas. And we can't leave out Diva Paws!

Lucid Online

Print & Pattern featured some cute shamrock cards from Lucid Online this week. I started exploring the site & found lots of cool graphics. Not entirely sure what everything is (?), but I do know I love the designs. I like these deer notecards, this deer and bunny letter set. These sheep cards are adorable, as are these animal cards and seals. Cool rubber stamps & label makers here and ladybug pushpins. If I ever figue out what this site says, I have a feeling I'll be placing a large order!?

Atelier LZC

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Atelier LZC, but I love their designs & wanted to share them. Basic French has Atelier LZC notecards & address book. I so want these notecards to frame! Mirror Mirror also sells some of their screen printed tea towels. They also carry these cool screen printed mirrors. Lovely!

Inspire Co.

I have been an admirer of Amy Powers' work for some time & I love reading her blog. Among the many beautiful & original items in her shop, I love this ballarina birthday cupcake, her notecards, and this beaufiul reef beaded branch coral necklace.

Covet Me

I discovered this cool site this week called Try It Tuesdays. They have really cool tutorials on how to do different techniques, plus you can share what you made & win prizes. One of the sponsors is Covet Me. They sell Altered Art, Collage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking & Art Supplies. My favorite stuff (so far!) is in the Ephemera category. They also have some very cool ribbons. You can also find lots of cool free vintage images on this Flickr set.


Do we ever get tired of adorable notecards? I didn't think so! I love all of these kits at Wickle. Especially the recycled envelopes. So much cooler than sending a boring white envelope in the post! There's also a mini scrapbook kit that is intriguing!

Whimsy Press

I heard about Whimsy Press on Design Sponge this week (thank you!) So many wonderful wrapping paper designs. I love this DIY Doodle paper, the Dim Sum collection (Haiku!), and best of all the dog papers! There's also lots of adorable cards and stickers.


These rare animal notecards are beautiful. I absolutely adore this birthday card set! Look at the cakes with their little cute faces!! And of course the cutie patootie dogs. Check out the cool journals, too. More recycled goodies as well.

World On Fire

Grammy-winning singer Sarah McLachlan performs her socially conscious song, "World on Fire," from the CD Afterglow. After brainstorming different ideas for the music video, Sarah says her director approached her with a groundbreaking idea. Instead of the usual $150,000 or more that it takes to produce a music video, Sarah created the entire "World on Fire" video herself for just $15. Then, she spent the left over money to help more than 1 million women and children around the world. In the video, Sarah spells out exactly how the donated money was spent. See the groundbreaking video here.

"I love this. … It's about getting every one of us to look inside of ourselves to see, 'What can I do?'" says Oprah, "'How can I be of service to the world?'"

I saw this on Oprah yesterday & was so moved. Have a listen. The song is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Edited: Lyrics here

3r Living

These are some of the coolest notecards I've ever seen...EVER! Each card is liberally embedded with a colorful variety of wildflower seeds that will grow just about anywhere. The back of the seed card is printed with easy planting instructions. Each pack includes 8 handcrafted folded cards and 8 recycled envelopes. There's also notecards made of recycled junk mail & denim! Talk about Earth friendly! Cool ruler earrings, too. I also love this paisley journal.

BTC Elements

BTC Elements' mission statement says, "BTC Elements provides sustainable products that are high quality and stylish, inspiring consumers to create an earth friendly and socially conscious lifestyle." What could be better than that? I love these vintage magazine notecards. And this handbag constructed out of discarded truck tire inner tubes is very cool!


fizzleSTITCH is the wonderful brainchild of sisters Traci & Trisha in Detroit, Michigan. They create the most wonderful one-of-a-kind bags. I especially love the I Heart Squirrel small tote! And I really *need* the snail bag! How is that I've only recently discovered how adorable snails are? And the Chef Ellie bag is fabulous. But the absolute coolest design is the Banana Car!