Busy-Being is a small company created by Amber Abramson in LA. According to her site, she carries exclusive products made by her friends, associates & other respected artists. Among my favorites are this tooth tote bag & the mushroom tshirts listed under apparel. I also am entertained by the deer hat hangers & fawn gehwheiler stationery set. Check out all the cool unique items at Busy-Being.

Paper Source

I've been a fan of Paper Source for some time now. They always have the neatest things. For example, these paper flower kits. Now this is a flower that anyone with a brown thumb can enjoy! The Mother's Day card kits are beautiful, as are these canisters. (Reminder: Mother's Day - May 14) And I cannot leave out this gorgeous blossom album.

Whiplash - Week 3


Well, it has to be painfully obvious by now that I do not posess the talents of sewing, crocheting, knitting (I've tried!), etc. as the other Whiplash entrants. But I do love scrapbooking & paper crafting. So here's another layout I did in the spirit of this week's theme "No Fear." Just a reminder to myself to love ME as I am and take life as it comes. Thanks for looking!

Cut + Paste

Cut + Paste is another site on which artists & crafters can sell their great goodies! These tags are awesome, as is this cupcake journal. And the sentiment of this "I think I love you card" is too funny. There are lots of other non-paper goods as well, like these pins I love.


Helloindie is a free online zine that provides crafters with a place to promote their wares and increasing consumer awareness of alternative products and online shopping. Each issue of Helloindie includes free banner space for indie designers and crafters. If you're a small business and make your own products, you can promote your business in helloindie. You can check out issue #1 here. Looks like several of the artists & crafters I've previously featured are also featured in this issue. Too cool!


I think it's pretty evident to everyone I know that I am in fact addicted to stationery & notecards of all kinds. I absolutely love these monkey cards! And who wouldn't want this canine cardset. I want this address book, as well as this puppy card set!


Parlez-Vous is artist and illustrator Julianna Smith's shop. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and is very talented! I love the cards in her shop.

Plain Mabel

Plain Mabel is another site that features various artists & crafters work. Nearly everything is handmade & all is a result of dedication & clever design. Among my favorites are this glue bottle wrist cuff by Coffee Drinker, these coin purses, & these vintage-style bookplates. I also love these cherry earrings! So fun. And for our animal fix of the day, a deer coin purse!

Pixel & Floyd

Pixel & Floyd touts themselves as "fine letterpress notecards for style savvy dogs & their humans." I think this sums up my dog, Abigail, and myself perfectly! Love every single thing on this site, but my favorite has to be the "itchy & poofy" collection! These are absolutely delightful!

My Paper Crane

Who knew that plush food (and other everyday items) could be so freaking fun? Well, My Paper Crane obviously has the right idea. I love all the crazy stuff on this site. The donuts, the cupcakes, and the milk are just a few of my favorites. Also, check out the blog...fabulous pictures or more goodies!

Bara Design

Absolutely love the designs on these tshirts! New ones have been added to the online shop recently. According to the blog, more are to come. So sit tight if you don't see your size available right this second. The iPod cases are very cute. And check out the great drawings, too.

Cherry Tomato

First off, I love the name of this Etsy shop! Mary is a crafter in Seattle & she has some wonderful goods for sale. The pillows are gorgeous, as are her aprons & other goodies. Luckily I found out about her on the PlushYou site!

French General

French General is a lovely company in Hollywood, California, that is filled with beautiful vintage notions. I think the scrapbooking kit will be perfect for my family heritage album. I also love the endless summer accoridan album. Look under the notions heading for lovely ribbon, postcard & decoupage kits. Thanks to MaryMo for the tip!

Cavallini & Co.

I am a sucker for pretty office supplies. Take these file folders for example. Beautiful! There's also very cool tins of labels and tags I'd like to get my hands on, as well as fun erasers! And I cannot forget notecards. No post is complete without notecards.

Michelle Caplan

Michelle Caplan is another very talented artist with a wonderful Etsy shop. Her mixed media collages are currently featured in some retail stores in California. She does beautiful commissions as well. Check her out! I found her through the decor8 blog as she is the featured blogger of the week.


Love all the delicious dishware by ethos. The bright colors are perfect for spring! Check out the cool jewelry boxes, too.


Madara is a cool company run by two Oklahoma girls, Davi Porter and Tara Porter Yarborough. Lots of cool gift ideas on this site, including these soap rolls. They also have really cool jewelry that is reasonably priced.

Camp Apparel

Love this bright, fun clutch! Kangaroos are so unexpected. I also love the Can't Buy Me Love tee. Check out all the products here.

Whiplash - Week 2


This is my entry for week 2 of WhipUp's Whiplash contest. The challenge is "your surly side." I chose to do my dog's surly side instead of mine because I'm trying out something new...POSITIVITY. Therefore, I do not believe I have a surly side. And I really don't think I do at the moment! Check out all the entries. There's lots of fabulous work!

The Black Apple

I am loving the artwork created by Emily Martin of Athens, Georgia. Soon Emily will be turning some of her original artwork into postcards, as well as producing tote bags with original drawings. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these goodies! She also runs The Little Moth's shop that's equally as fabulous.

Abby - Normal

Abby-Normal was created by Lisa Solomon for a reason I believe we can all relate to - the fact that it is so hard to find simple and stylish T-shirts. So they decided they should make their own. I love the T-shirts, as well as the lovely tote bags! And I absolutely adore the Abby-Normal logo!

Turtle Press

Check out the cool rubber stamps and these awesome Lil' Tree Hugger Hugger Books, the newest in their line of 100% Post consumer recycled art books. They also sell some great art supplies for various things such as book binding & collage.

Bread and Budder

How adorable are these buckets at Bread and Budder? I want tons of small ones to put on my desk for supplies. They'd be excellent for sorting craft supplies, too. They have various sizes to accomodate all your organizational needs! They have tons of cool themes and a list of 102 great uses for buckets.

Scrap Happy

These little sachet mouse squeeks are adorable! Love the beautiful handmade tote bags, too. Especially the kids confetti bag. I'm a sucker for rick-rack! Check out this wonderful crafter's blog here.

It's Your Life

Another wonderful crafter I found on Etsy is Nico who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I love this bag because, obviously, it's adorable. But what really caught my attention is that the words "Cat and Dog Magic Show" are in the title! And the Japanese prints are wonderful!


Ecoist says its goal is to inspire thought and a positive change in the way we treat our precious planet. I can't think of anything better, especially with Earth Day coming up on April 22. I love these clutches made out of recycled gum wrappers. Fun, functional, and recycled. They also have bags made out of recycled movie billboards.

Z Gallerie

I definitely need this mat for my apartment! These metallic bowls are very cool, too.


Love this bright, funky barware! I also love these black & red cocktail napkins, and best of all these farm animal decals! (the goat is for you Tamara!)


I have yet to jump on iPod bandwagon, but I do groove to my iTunes occassionally while working on my iMac. Lots of "i" products, huh? Well, I may have to add the iDog to my slew of "i" products. He's adorable. As described on the Target website: Whether you play tunes through your iDog or just set it near the speakers the pup displays an array of moods that change with the music you play. iDog moves and grooves to the beat with flashing LED lights changing color to suit the type of music that is being played. Sounds fun to me!

The Match Factory

The Match Factory has opened an online shop. Described by Nate Voss on Be A Design Group as a place where "you can find a plethora of very cool posters for your office or crib, t-shirts, even a short film on DVD." I think we can all relate to this poster at the moment considering surging gas prices. I also love this "We Design the World" poster and "Perpetual Devotion."

Amy Smyth Made It

According to the website, Amy Smyth Made It encourages you to “write a freakin’ note”, “send a freakin’ card” and “have a freakin’ party” with sophisticated, funky and uncommon stationery. I don't think you could avoid doing just that with these awesome illustrations and designs! The Hey Ladies collection is my favorite, but all the designs are fabulous. Especially the Boom Done sets.

Dub & Sam

Dub & Sam is a company started by Jessica Depew. She creates the products at her home workshop in Springville, Utah. She's currently having a spring sale online. My favorite product is the airmail decorating pack. Take a look at her cool ideas page as well.

Lucky Accessories

Beautiful jewelry on sale at Lucky Accessories right now. They also have really cute checkbook covers under Bags & Accessories.

Compendium Inc.

I read about these journals on Ali Edwards' blog this morning. She says they are blank books "with page after page of the best life quotes and tons of room for your own reflections, writings, etc. Any of the books from this site are totally worth it." There's lots of wonderful cards and I love the inspirational magnets.

See Jane Work

I pretty much love every single product at See Jane Work. But I especially like these stylish business card holders. I'm humored by the fact that you can purchase Kate Spade zebra pencils! And of course the cigarette pencils are worthy of a mention (although it's probably not the type of message one wants to send at the office...or perhaps it is!?) I've also been wanting one of these soda fountain desk trays for a while now.


I love this beautiful accordian photo album with red cherry blossoms. All of the cards are cute as well. I love the pooch pails, too!


Beautiful handmade items in MaryMo's Etsy store. I especially love the Paige pockets which are the perfect size for credit cards, business cards, lip gloss, etc. And of course I love anything with cherry blossoms! Check out MaryMo's blog. She entered the Whiplash contest as well. Wonderful job!

Uncommon Goods

I really like some of the Mother's Day gift ideas on the Uncommon Goods website. (Reminder: Mother's Day is May 14) I especially like the apothecary jar with robin's egg soaps, as well as the chocolate candles. Check out the Einstein quote canvas and the Mom and heart vases. They too sell the Andy Warhol lip plates. Guess those are a popular find this year!


More great stationery and journals. I also like the silornaments and the silo stickers. And don't forget the fillin flats.

Pretty Racoon Clothing

Love these one-of-a-kind shirts created by Andrea Winkler. According to her site, this venture began as a part-time hobby and eventually grew to a full time enterprise. She now sells her one of a kind clothing all over the world. Very cool & creative stuff.


Love this pencil holder. It's touted as being "A comedic and fun design which portrays a 'dead' character who holds your pencils and pens." Strange description, yet oddly appealling. I also like this quirky clock.

Rhonna Designs

More goodies over at Cafe Press. These are created by digital scrapping superstar Rhonna Farrer. Check out her blog. She's known for being a positive influence in people's lives. What's not to like?

Whipup Whiplash Competition


You can see my first entry for the Whiplash Competition here. I was unable to get the Paper Bella kit a few months ago, so I decided to make something similar on my own. Picture 1 is the framed collage, Picture 2 is a close up, and Picture 3 is the framed collage "in use". It's above my scrapping table.

Luxe Paperie

Love these bling bling notecards by Greenwich Letterpress. I also love the lamb notecards as well as these polka dot cards with a unique button and string closure. And...love these! Ok, I love everything on this site! Like these journals.

Lettuce Be Friends

Love these notecards! I also want this monkey! Keep up with the latest products through the purplepinkandorange blog.

Fantastic in Plastic

Andy Warhol goodness
over at Plum Party, one of my favorite online stores. I especially love the pink camo cocktail shaker & the banana split dish! They also sell the lip plates I featured previously.

Young & WithIt

Who can resist cards with chicken butts on them? Everyone knows I dislike foul, but these are just too funny. I know that if I sent one of these to a friend (namley Tamara), they would bust out laughing so hard. Well worth the price! Also love the gnome designs. Note that the artists are a husband & wife duo out of Austin, Texas!


The graphics on this site are so wonderful. You can order the design you want, along with the monogram of your choice. You can also buy notecard sets - lots of great designs here, too - and great envelopes. The customizable paper weights are fun also.

Ex Libris Anonymous

Love these silk-screened journals! The book journals look really cool, too. The couple that runs Ex Libris do all the bindery in their house out of old books. Very neat!

Soozs Shop

Stumbled upon Soozs' blog today & noticed she has an online shop as well. Love the felted animals & people, especially the snail! I love the felted terriers & finger puppets additionally!