Whipup Whiplash Competition


You can see my first entry for the Whiplash Competition here. I was unable to get the Paper Bella kit a few months ago, so I decided to make something similar on my own. Picture 1 is the framed collage, Picture 2 is a close up, and Picture 3 is the framed collage "in use". It's above my scrapping table.


linda woods said...

Very cool! I love what you made.
I have now spent way too much time looking at every funky find here and see that there are many things I must have or I'll die. Thank you so much! =)

YarnB said...

I love what you made! And I love your blog! WOW. I am glad you posted on mine, thank you! Yours goes on the blogline list for sure. Great ideas!

MaryMo said...

So cute! I've always wanted to try collage but haven't had the guts yet, good job that is so cute! Thanks for commenting on the luggage tag, I want to refine it and maybe put a few in my Etsy shop. So I can get the practice I'd love to make you one and send it along to you! If you would like one tell me favorite color or color combo and email me your address and I'll send you one!