Littlest Flower

Pretty much everyone I know is aware of how I feel towards birds (they scare me to death; therefore, I despise them). Yes, this sounds dramatic, but that's my style! I have to say that I do love these original linocuts done by the talented Jackie. I'm also in love with this adorable bunny!


shannon said...

Eeeeeew Im scared of birds too!
It is amazing that so many bloggers love birds, owls in particular, and have cats...weird.

Anyway, great site, youve got some awesome links that will suck up alot of my internet time!! & thankyou also for your nice comment on my illustration friday.

Keep linking!

pyglet said...
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pyglet said...

(sorry made a mistake on the comment before...very embarassing!)

As I was saying...
It does seem that lots of crafty ladies have cats...I wonder why?

btw: Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I love yours too. Really great things that you find for us to drool over!