Holiday Funky Finds

I am constantly on the look out for unique items that would make great gifts for my friends, family and, to be honest, myself. Here are a few items I think you will all enjoy and might just want to purchase for a holiday gift. Have a look at this new book, The Octonauts: The Only Lonely Monster, promoted as something similar to Hello Kitty meets Star Trek under the sea! Stencil 1 has a great mini holiday set of stencils that will be perfect for your handmade holiday cards. The Karkovski Shop on Etsy has several gifts perfect for kids. I absolutely adore the pink knitted dog. And for your favorite seamstress we have Amy's lovely pin cushion bracelet & turtle pin cushion. I have a turtle that Amy made for me & I can tell you that it is wonderful! Also, Amazon stocks the hilarious Subversive Stitch calendar that is a must for 2007. Stay tuned for more holiday funky finds.

DAA Glass

Daneen Augello is the owner of & designer behind DAA Glass, pronounced day-uh. Each piece is one of a kind and individually hand blown & kiln annealed by Daneen. She has created many beautiful items, including the dreidel necklace which will make a fabulous Hanukah gift. You will also find a super cute candy cane necklace perfect for the holidays. There are many other wonderful designs that are perfect for any time of year. Some of my favorites are the ginger necklace and the cumin necklace. Have a look at all the stunning pieces Daneen has created.

Kate Sutton

Kate Sutton recently added several items to her Etsy shop aptly named Kate's Shop. I always admire Kate's illustrations that she posts on her blog. She has several pieces of artwork available for purchase in her shop & you can see more on her website. I especially like the ahoy there collage. I also love the plushies Kate has created, such as the knitted monsters. And aren't the gingerbread men fabulous? Take a look at all the works talented Kate has created.

Gaga Goods!

Kathryn Adler is the Mom, owner and designer behind Gaga Goods! All of Kathryn's designs feature “Baby Gaga” – with that signature grin – spreading smiles to all the little ones who wear her clothes. There's a wide array of products to choose from on which to have the design of your choice emblazoned. There are several adorable designs perfect for the holidays, such as Santa's Helper and Sugarplum Fairy. Other designs I love include Sweet Pea and Peanut. Aren't they precious?

Every BODY Is Beautiful

In August I featured Karin Collins’ Spoonfed Art. Karin originally started making her SpoonFed Art necklaces as a personal art-oriented therapy to overcome a serious eating disorder she'd been battling for almost 20 years. Karin is part of the National Eating Disorders Association's "Every BODY Is Beautiful" Online Fundraising Auction currently running through Wednesday, December 6th. This is a great opportunity to do some unique holiday fashion shopping while at the same time contributing to an amazing, life-saving cause. Take a look at all the fabulous goods provided by various artists & sponsors.

Dang Argyle

The minute I saw the weiner dog pouch by Dang Argyle I knew I had to post about it. There's also a wonderful weiner dog coin pouch that any dog lover would love - especially my Norweigan friend who has a lovely Dachshund! Here you will also find hand-stamped argyle print notecards made from a hand-carved stamp. There are several adorable wristlets, too. I love the multi-colored argyle print, as well as the red polka dot panda.

Catholic Guilt

I recently found out about Catholic Guilt's beautiful jewelry through Creature Comforts. According to Catholic Guilt's Etsy profile, it is where you can come and indulge yourself guilt free, because, afterall, vanity shouldn't be a sin. I love it! And you will love the fabulous products, such as this stunning tear drop pendant necklace. The Victorian Elegance earrings are beautiful, as are the pink & onyx earrings. And the Goddess Within earrings are so unique. Catholic Guilt is a wonderful shop full of original jewelry that is sure to be a hit with anyone and everyone.


juNxtaposition repurposes found items, including old bottles, long forgotten antique typewriters, old lamp crystals, vintage dictionaries and retired formica samples to create hip and trendy goods are all eco-friendly. I really like the typewriter key necklaces & bracelets, as well as the glass bubble pendants. You will also find cool little tags that include sentiments adhered to formica samples which you can hang anywhere you choose. Other unique items you'll find at juNxtaposition are the bling bling bottles. These are old rescued bottles that encase vintage bling of various sorts. These unique items will make perfect gifts for those who have just about everything. Have a look at all the cool products.

Very Designer

Very Designer is a new site that brings you the latest trends in beaded jewelry with the unique option of having the products made for you or creating them yourself. For those of you who would like to create your own jewelry there are many beading kits available, as well as tools. There's also very helpful tutorials for beginners. If you prefer jewelry that is already assembled, Very Designer has an extensive collection of necklaces, bracelets & earrings to choose from. Aren't the tortoise pear drop earrings gorgeous? Take a look at all the fabulous products Very Designer has to offer.


The Smoy photo cuff is a fabulous gift idea for someone special...or yourself. There's a wide array of photo cuffs to choose from & each is made of leather or vegan leather. I think this is such a wonderful idea - a cool accessory which you can personalize with your own photos or clippings. You can purchase a photo cuff that displays from one to four images. Check out all the cool styles Smoy has to offer.

My Imaginary Boyfriend

My Imaginary Boyfriend is a great Etsy shop full of unique items made by Erika Kern. She has created the coolest Jolly Roger Christmas ornaments and coordinating stocking. I really like the faux wood tote bag, as well as the bunny tote bag. And don't miss the cool pillows Erika's made either.


Sweet Susan of Sulu Design recently told me about a friend of her's who also has an Etsy Shop. Susan knew I would love the squirrels at knottybits. The little pocket squirrels, reminiscent of Bob Ross' pet squirrel, are adorable. These would make such fun stocking stuffers, for me anyway! I love the unique handmade stockings, too. Aren't the mixed patterns beautiful? You can also snag a stockingette for your holiday celebrations!


In a recent email with a Sampler sneak peek, I learned about Remnant. Remnant is an online boutique that offers offers one of a kind and limited edition items made with recycled and reclaimed fabrics. I absolutely love the uniquely shaped tote bags which are made out of recycled wool suiting. And aren't the cashmere dot scarves lovely? There's also several items that I think are very fun including neck warmers, leg warmers, and adorable cashmere hair bands. Of course I also have to mention the pet clothing which is adorable! Remnant is full of beautiful creative goods made from recycled items.


In July I posted about the opening of Artstream Studios, an online shop that my blog buddy Susan runs. Since then Artstream has continuously added new products from various artisans & crafters. There is a wide array of products ranging from vases to handcrafted rugs to wonderful cards. Another recent addition are the handbags by Lily Devine. The bags come in a variety of prints & colors and would make a fabulous gift for just about anyone - or yourself! And Susan has so generously offered a coupon code for Funky Finds readers. Enter FUN when purchasing one of the Lily Devine handbags & you will receive free shipping anywhere in the world from now through December 18. Check out all the beautiful products Artstream has to offer. You will find something for just about everyone on your shopping list.

The Dreamy Giraffe

I recently stumbled upon a KJ's blog, The Adventures of KJ & The Dreamy Giraffe, which led me to her Etsy shop which is filled with fabulous artwork. I absolutely love KJ's style and artistry. Her newest additions of octopus paintings are on my Christmas wish list already. The Two-Headed Dreamy Giraffe is also, well, dreamy. The drawing With You By My Side is too sweet, and of course I am in love with All Dressed Up (& Nowhere To Go). If that's not enough, KJ has made the cutest plushies, too. Just look at this cutie. (picture is from KJ's Etsy shop)

From Belgium With Love

From Belgium With Love is a wonderful Etsy shop full of whimsical & fun items. There are lots of fabulous pieces made of felt such as these adorable floral buttons and these gold fish charms. I love this beautiful iPod cozy, as well as the felt covered journals. And you certainly do not want to miss the Baroque totes that are gorgeous! There are just too many unique items to list, so take a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

XYZ Handbags

XYZ Handbags has some of the coolest products I've seen in a while. Touted as the perfect bags for eco-friendly gals, the letterpress handbags are fabulous. There's a variety of designs to choose from and each one is water resistant with magnetic closures. XYZ also has a wide selection of wonderful greeting cards. I love the bold colors & beautiful floral designs. And be sure to check out the letterpress flasks, too. Very unique!


While reading Carrie Sommer's blog the other day I learned about a cool site called Nest. Nest is a nonprofit organization that generates funds for loans that are given to women in developing countries to allow them to create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses. So when you purchase one of the fabulous handcrafted items at Nest, you are also helping to better the lives of women all across the globe. How cool is that? Some of the cool items you can purchase are this cool Nest tee, this beautiful charm necklace by Thea Grant, and one of Carrie Sommer's gorgeous aprons. There's tons of great products by various designers to choose from, so get to shopping!


Supastarr is a husband and wife team who make original screen printed tees and other cool goods. Under apparel you will find lots of great designs such as the yellow birdie and the adorable children's elephants. I especially love the one of a kind skirts with the whale & squirrel appliques. The handbags are especially fabulous...check out the I'm not a target bags! The wallets are also very unique items that would make great Christmas presents. Take a look at all the cool products Supastarr has to offer.


Modcloth is a great site where you will find unique and stylish clothing and accessories. I love this black & white heart bag and red & white dot clutch. If you'd like a throw back to your childhood, there's a lovely Cabbage Patch pin as well as New Kids on the Block. There's lots of great clothing pieces to choose from such as this retro tweed skirt I want and the beautiful under the mistletoe dress. This would be perfect for a holiday party! Modcloth also has an extensive men's collection, as well as several funky decorating pieces.

Sappy Moose Tree

I recently received an email with a sneak peek at the November Sampler featuring Sappy Moose Tree. This shop is too unique & fun not to post about it. Here you will find a wide array of adorable plush sock animals ranging from monkeys to dogs to lemurs. The non-sock plushies are fabulous as well, especially the bacon strips and teeth! I just have a soft spot for food with persona. You also do not want to miss the poop tees. Told you this shop is fabulous! Learn more on the artist's blog.

Jill Serra

Jill Serra is a fabulous graphic designer who has designed chic, yet practical, tote bags for stylish gals. Each bag has a very unique piece of artwork in bold colors. Jill also has a few prints of her artwork you can purchase as well.

APAK Studio

Aaron and Ayumi Piland collaborate to create artwork for their Etsy shop APAK Studio. I love the Gocco print puppy greeting card, as well as the toadstools. And how interesting is this 30 page book about Harry? Of course I always love an adorable squirrel such as the one on the for you greeting card. Take a look at all the fabulous designs APAK has to offer.

Mommy's Little Monkey

Babies are on my mind this week as I am co-hosting a baby shower next week. I have had very little exposure to wee ones, but Evie Ballesteros contacted me about Mommy's Little Monkey & I knew I must share her products. Upon entering the website you will immediately find the nursing curtain which is designed to give breastfeeding mothers a little privacy when breastfeeding in public. And the curtains come in a variety of beautiful fabrics so you will not have to sacrifice your style! Evie also has the cutest onesies featuring adorable monkeys. You will also find tank tops & bibs with the same great design.

Hip Kid Art

Are you tired of the same 'ol cliche baby decor? I know that a lot of hip couples like to steer clear of the typical pink & white stripes for girls and the typical sports themes for boys. The name Hip Kid Art pretty much says it all. Two creative & hip women, Amy & Melissa, have joined forces to bring you unique canvas pieces which can be personalize for your child's room. I love the dino piece, as well as the vintage baby carriage piece. There's several bold geometric designs to choose from, too, such as mod rings. These pieces of artwork will make fabulous Christmas or baby shower gifts. And these ladies have been generous enough to offer Funky Finds readers a 15% discount through January 1, 2007, by entering coupon code FUNK at checkout (offer not valid with free shipping).

Peggy Li

Peggy Li design fabulous jewelry that has been featured on a number of tv shows, including one of my current favs What About Brian?. Her site is fully stocked with a wide variety of styles. There's something for just about everyone from the jumbo skull ring to the beautiful gem sparkler earrings. I love the autumnal firey leaf necklace, as well as the lotus blossom earrings. There's lots of great limited edition pieces & men's pieces, too. Have a look at all of Peggy's beautiful jewelry.

Tiger Lilly

The Etsy shop Tiger Lilly is full of unique plastic jewelry pieces. Two rings that really caught my eye are the stunning orange goldfish and the cherry blossoms. There's also these cool cherry blossom earrings that would go great with the ring. The red poppies are also beautiful and perfect for fall is the double acorn pendant. Check out all the original designs Tiger Lilly has to offer.

Handmade Girl

Persephone (a Texas resident!) of Handmade Girl let me know about her grand opening today. Her shop is filled with handsewn plushies that are assembled from new, vintage, and found fabrics. The little bunnies she currently has in stock are sure to please those of all ages. I love the unique design & fabrics used on each one. Check the Handmade Girl blog regularly for updates & news on this fabulous shop.

Modish Holiday Gift Guide

Modish claims to be a stylish blog for indie shoppers & I have to agree that that is exactly what it is. I read Modish daily & love the cool finds posted there. Now there's a very handy holiday gift guide I believe you will all enjoy. Here you'll find all kinds of cool indie goods ranging from elephant squid messenger bags to Philipp the Penguin & other plushies at Mahar Drygoods. And there's also fabulous coupon codes listed with most items. Who can beat savings AND cool indie goods?

Freckle Face Design

Tania Lambert, the artist behind Freckle Face Design, has designed many wonderful cards I wanted to share with you. These unique cards simply put a smile on my face. I love the quirky elf used in the your very good elf series, as well as the toadstools & fairies in the fairy fairy quite contrary set. And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the doggy fashion collection which is fabulous! And the Christmas collection is too much fun. I love the elves & deer Tania has designed. Take a look at all the whimsical collections offered by Feckle Face.

Sewing Stars

Earlier in the week I saw a preview on the Sewing Stars blog that I loved. The newest product on the site is this terrific fruit hangers kit. The description says you can do fun things with these pieces, such as tie them onto packages or make them into catnip toys. How fun is that? I've written about Sewing Stars before as I love so many things in this shop. Under new items you will also find adorable little plush kitties and owls. Take a look around!

Bari J.

The vintage inspired handmade bags & accessories at Bari J. are divine! You can choose from a wide array of ready to buy products or design your own. I love the unique design of the makeup and mag bags. And how cute is this little wool clutchette (love that word!) complete with vintage brooch? When customizing your own bag, you choose from the various shapes of bags and vintage fabrics. Then Bari J. will whip it up per your specifications. Be sure to check the Bari J. blog for behind the scenes info & updates.


Everything about Patisserie screams adorable, from the web design to the products themselves. The quilted line includes cards made of quilted paper & embellished with ribbon and crystals. They are beautiful! Of course I love the animal cookies collection, especially the summer lobster. You will also find cute cards with sweet names, as well as cursive monograms that remind me of handwriting class in elementary. There's also the teenie weenie collection that will come in handy when gift giving.

Betty Joy

Today while reading the CutseyPoo blog I learned about a new shop out of the UK, Betty Joy. Here you will find the fabulous toys by CutseyPoo, as well as other adorable plushies by various crafters. How cute is the little dog with the popsicle? Or how about a loveable little mouse to keep you company? In addition to plushies, Betty Joy also stocks a wide array of accessories such as purses and keychains. Don't miss the jewelry or housewares sections either. Here's a currency converter, too.

One Red Robin

You will find the wonderful plushies created by J. Montez Aranez at One Red Robin. I read about these creations on her blog, also titled One Red Robin. My absolute favorite is the fabulous seahorse! Isn't it delightful? You will also find beautiful collages, such as these pansies in red. The Chibi dolls are also sure to please. Have a look at all the terrific products at One Red Robin.

Naughty Secretary Club

Naughty Secretary Club is full of unique accessories. Each of the revamped vintage necklaces are made up of a vintage piece that has been refashioned in some way. I really love the nostalgic notions pieces, especially the gilded acorn which is perfect for fall. You will find equally intriguing bracelets & watches, rings, earrings, and brooches. And with Christmas right around the corner, you do not want to miss the cool stockings. Enjoy!