Handmade Girl

Persephone (a Texas resident!) of Handmade Girl let me know about her grand opening today. Her shop is filled with handsewn plushies that are assembled from new, vintage, and found fabrics. The little bunnies she currently has in stock are sure to please those of all ages. I love the unique design & fabrics used on each one. Check the Handmade Girl blog regularly for updates & news on this fabulous shop.


KJ said...

Seriously, I've yet to see a post here that hasn't made me point and squeal, "Oooh, I want that!".

Your picks are amazing every single time. Thanks so much for pointing me towards such awesome blogs...not that I NEED anymore blogs to read, but if you're gonna read a ton of blogs, it's best to read the best ones and somehow, you keep finding those!