Catholic Guilt

I recently found out about Catholic Guilt's beautiful jewelry through Creature Comforts. According to Catholic Guilt's Etsy profile, it is where you can come and indulge yourself guilt free, because, afterall, vanity shouldn't be a sin. I love it! And you will love the fabulous products, such as this stunning tear drop pendant necklace. The Victorian Elegance earrings are beautiful, as are the pink & onyx earrings. And the Goddess Within earrings are so unique. Catholic Guilt is a wonderful shop full of original jewelry that is sure to be a hit with anyone and everyone.


Delia said...

As a thank you for the lovely compliment, I'd like to offer you and your readers FREE SHIPPING! Just state "Funky Finds" in the comments section at check and I'll send you a revised invoice.

Thanks again!

Catrina said...

Love the Goddess Within earring..... :)

Elaine said...

I keep thinking, hey, that is a clever title for the post, until I realize that it's the company's name. Anyway, clever title. Same goes for 'gaga goods' and 'very designer'.