Hey, Strongie!

Stephanie Chambers, aka Strongie, has some very cool handcrafted, one-of-a-kind tees to offer you. Although a lot of them are sold out, there's still several available that rock. You can also place customer orders with no extra charge. You can find out more on Stephanie's blog.

Georgie Love

As a tribute to all my new Aussie friends, I wanted to post about Georgie Love which I read about on Design Sponge. All goods on this site are crafted by indie artists in Australia. This necklace is so beautiful & aren't these little giraffe badges adorable? There's pages of beautiful bags, my favorite being the one-third purse! And I always love stationery - lots of cool stuff here. Perhaps my favorite items overall are the gorgeous hand-painted jewelry hangers. Here's a handy conversion calculator.

Bright Lights Little City

Bright Lights Little City has the coolest lamps ever! They are fashioned out of small drink umbrellas. The cocktail umbrellas used in the Happy Hour lamps are dipped in phosphorescent paint making them glow in the dark! The lamps are sprayed with a protective lacquer and finished with a fire retardant spray. I love the original lamp, as well as the spheres that come in many different color combos. The Last Call lamp is another favorite. They also have lamps that are woven using quilling paper. So fun!

Tiffany Tomato Designs

I discovered Tiffany Threadgould while reading about her umbrella skirt on Treehugger. She has her own shop, Tiffany Tomato Designs, that is full of goods she has reconstructed out of what is considered to be trash. Believe me, it is trash no more. I love this wine-o trivet. Do you know how many wine corks I've been wasting? Check out these notebooks. The covers are made of reclaimed food boxes & the pages are recycled, of course. And I love the notecards & envelopes made out of old maps. Tiffany also has a couple of cool tutorials on her site as well. If you have junk you want to recycle, you can possibly send it to Tiffany. Fabulous!

Hip Chicks Boutique

Denise Shillingsburg is one hip chick. After having her daughter, Denise had a hard time find clothes that fit her new body. She also wanted to create stylish outfits that coordinated with her daughter's clothing, so she started her own clothing line Hip Chicks. The coordinating skirts are beautiful, as are the prairie skirt & tank. And I absolutely love the paisley! And how cute would your little girl be in this ya-ya outfit? Hip Chicks Boutique is also full of stylish boys clothing, as well as lines from other designers. And just for all of you awesome Funky Finds readers, Denise is offering a 15% off coupon and free shipping if you mention this site when you place your order. The 15% will be refunded to you upon order placement.


iShopIndie.com is a collective of independent artists, shop owners and crafters who want to increase awareness of online indie shopping. I absolutely adore these felt mirrors by Button Arcade! These journals from If'n Books + Marks are so fun. And how about these cool wrist cuffs by Ex-Boyfriend? Love the space monkey cuff! And the monkey glasses are a must have!! There's also lots of very cool handbags by various crafters, as well as cards & more journals. Lots of cool stuff to be had here, so why don't you stay a while a browse.


Areaware is a New York City based design collective that is dedicated to promoting local designers. My favorite items on this site are the canine pillows by Salvor. The deer pillows are also intriguing. The Reality line by Harry Allen that everyone is talking about can also be found here.


Thimble has tons of cool handmade goods. I love the awesome handbags and wristlets. Check out all the fabulous jewelry as well. And I'd be remiss if I didn't direct you to the knitting needle cases & totes. You can read more about this venture on the Thimble blog.


I'm telling you, Etsy is overflowing with talented crafters & artists. One of which is the fantastic Prettyville. The animals make me oh so happy! Check out this adorable fox who's having a grand 'ol time grilling. And Mr. Birthday Bear is so cute. And how much fun is this wee cupcake pin? I also adore the lovely handmade brooches. You can see more pictures on Icklebird's Flickr set, too. Such talent!

Wedding Favorites

WeddingFAVORites.com offers lots of great party supplies. My favorite thing on this site are the party kits. The Asian garden shower kit is beautiful & includes all your party essentials for eight guests. The bachelorette kit looks fun, as does the diva birthday kit. And I like the baby shower kits because they are mod, not foofoo. They also have some of the coolest favor boxes I've seen. Check out all the party supplies and more at weddingFAVORites.com.

Noisy Dog Studio

I swear that Leigh of Noisy Dog Studio used my Abby as the model for this fabulous chihuahua card! The dog on the notecard even has tan eyebrows like Abby. There are many other adorable breeds, too. I love this bad hair day print! And look at this cutie.

Juniper Designs

I have been preparing to do a heritage album of my family for some time now. In gathering products (my favorite part of preparation!), I have come to love antique keyholes. I came across these lovely keyhole necklaces recently & I think they are fabulous! So unique. Juniper Designs also has some really cool notecards.

Wacky Planet

I saw this global warming mug on Treehugger this morning & just had to share it with you. When you add your hot beverage, the mug's image changes to simulate the effects of global warming. Talk about a daily reminder to take care of our planet. Brilliant!

The Sarut Group

The Sarut Group focuses on natural, innovative and timeless products for every age. I'd say they do a pretty good job at delivering just that. I love these bright mouse pads that come with a matching mouse. This mermaid bottle opener is lots of fun, as are these funky desk lamps. These little sugar pots are even funkier! Other cool products include these lady pens, adorable dog collars, and this cool box of colored twine. If you're looking for a unique gift or just something fun, this is the place for you.

Pattern Bee

Pattern Bee says, "We make old transfers NEW again!" My favorites are the porcupines! These novelty guest towels are a riot, as well as the pinup ladies! I love all of these animals, too. You can see a lot of these transfers in action over on the Turkey Feathers blog.

TV Tray Art Designs

TV Tray Art Designs is full of fabulous designs such as this Goin' Nuts pendant necklace and this lovely pug necklace. I have two friends who have purchased the pug necklace for pug owners they know & they are a big hit!! I got a huge kick out of this Simon the Dachshund pin. And isn't this goldfish necklace beautiful? But I have to say that Delia the Chihuahua is my favorite!


Chiasso (key-Ah-so), an Italian word meaning "to cause an uproar or sensation," has a very unique & fun collection of goods. I would love to have a few of these invisible bookshelves around my place. They would blow my grandmother's mind when she visits! These clothespin chopsticks are fun, as are the talking animal dishes! And who doesn't need a banana doorstop? I also think this animated desk set would be a hoot to look at on a daily basis.

Christi J Jewelry

Check out the beautiful goods from Christi J Jewelry. The newest line, Sentimental Silver, was designed by the company's founder, Christi Johnstone. This line allows you to showcase your photographs with style and display your memories for all to see. This sounds fabulous to a scrapbooker like myself! I am also in love with the beautiful bright bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Now I'm off to win the lottery so I can buy all this fabulous jewelry!


Cheryl Chudyk (aka Stitchpixie) is a Canadian artist based out of Vancouver, BC. Each accessory is designed, handmade, and photographed by Cheryl herself. Check out all the adorable goods here. I love the deer bags listed under Fauna, and the fertility collection is a riot! And I am in love with the city & tasty collections. So funky! Cheryl also has lots of cool jewelry so why don't you stay & shop a while?

Atelier Jade

If you have been looking for a friendly efficient source in Japan, I have just the shop for you. Kumi of Atelier Jade is a pleasure to work with. She has some very cool stuff on her site, including the coveted Cram Cream tape everyone seems to adore. She also has some of the cutest material around - my favorite being the hedgehogs - as well as assortment packs. I love Kumi's beautiful handmade bags, just look at the fabulous coy fish bag! She also has a great Etsy shop. She was kind enough to track down an amigurumi book for me that I was unable to find anywhere! So kind and generous.

Dear Dahlia

Check out all this cool stationery at Dear Dahlia. I especially love the red paisley and the brown daisy cards. And let's not forget these adorable whales! There's also lots of cute fill-in invitations.

dbO Home

Obviously I love all things animal related - namely dog, monkey, goat, and octopus - and no birds! So I couldn't resist posting about these dog face bowls I found through Oh Joy! I also love these tea for two sets. And look at these beautiful soaps - I love the packaging. dbO Home has lots of beautiful goods, so why don't you stay & browse a bit?

Little Miss Matched

You know how you always end up with several mismatched socks, then it's hard to make yourself throw them away in hopes of one day discovering that lost sock? Well, fear the mismatched sock no more. Little Miss Matched has made the mismatched sock a desirable thing! I think my favorite items are the fun things, especially the change purses! Check out all the zany pajamas and tights! So fun. Be sure to check out the cool color wheel under "learn more."

Cheengoo Boutique

None of us want to think about losing a beloved pet...EVER. But in the event that such a tragedy occurs, this pet remembrance kit is specially designed to address the needs of the grieving pet owner and provide a loving gift of support and caring. Look at all these fabulous canine products, too. And for those of you who are cat lovers, lots of cute products as well.

Michelle Caplan

I met Michelle Caplan through our blogs not so long ago. And in this short time, her artwork has been the hot ticket! She has shown up on so many big name blogs, her artwork has appeared in several great art shows, and recently several retailers have taken steps to start selling her artwork! For a short time, Michelle has put a lot of her artwork on sale. In the future she will have to price her work a bit higher in order to not undercut these retailers. So hop on over to her Etsy shop & buy some beautiful original works at great prices.

Bald Guy Greeting Cards

Just this weekend my mother & I were commenting how hard it is to find cards that really encompass what you want to say...or not say in some cases. But I think Bald Guy Greeting Cards is trying to bridge that gap. How about the card that says "I value your friendship...And by 'value' I mean I'm never going to sleep with you." That could be a very appropriate card in some situations! Or how about the card that says "Happy birthday Jesus...this is actually a birthday card for a Hispanic kid named Jesus. But I think it works for Christmas, too." Now that is funny!

Angela Adams

I'd venture a guess that most of you, if not all, know who Angela Adams is. And even if you don't recognize the name, you've surely seen her bold designs all over the place. Well, I wanted to post them as well because I do admire her designs. Of course the paper goods are my favorites, either because of my love for stationery or because they tend to be the only thing fitting into my tiny budget! I'm not typically drawn to yellow (EVER); however, I do like this wallet quite a bit. And look at all the gorgeous wool and cotton rugs! Lots of eye candy here folks.

Simone Lia

I love these quirky illustrations on the cards by Simone Lia. Chip & Bean are so cute! The illustrations are even more fascinating in the comics section. You can see more on the Cabanon Press site. And of course I'd love to have a Chip & Bean tee!

Little Flower Designs

Little Flower Designs has some of the most beautiful pottery I've ever seen before. I absolutely adore the sushi sets, as well as the table lovelies and tea cups. All of the ceramic home accessories are handmade by Linda Johnson in Abington, PA. She also does custom orders if you are interested.

Rosebud Design Studio

Rosebud Design Studio has lots of beautiful cards, wedding items, and much more. I love this vintage looking spiral notebook complete with envelopes for storing your items. I also think these frame notecards are divine. And look at these fun notebooks! I love black & pink. More favorite cards here!

Curious Bird

Curious Bird is Leya Williams & what can I say besides SHE ROCKS? I always enjoy reading her blog that is full of beautiful photos. Her creations are stunning as well. I would be more than happy to fill my little apartment up with her log cabin pillows. And, while I am still not particularly fond of foul (they scare me!), I do like her little owls. I love these little cuties, too!

Sprout Stud

While we're on the subject of tea, take a look at these beautiful ceramic pieces from Sprout Stud. I love the teatop tile warmers. They're fantastic looking! Check out the awesome earrings as well. If you're lucky enough to be attending the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend, look Sprout Stud up. They'll be there!

Tea Note

As I've said before, I have no idea how to read Japanese. But we all know that Japanese design is rockin'. And I love these tea cans at Tea Note, so I'm sharing them with you! And I would love one of these tea pots. And how about these coasters? Apparently Tea Note has a Japanese blog as well. Great pictures! Won't you come over for a spot of tea?

Gee...How Quaint

Gee...How Quaint has some of the cutest bags ever. I love the graphic materials all the bags are made of. Some of my favorites include this flip flop bag, this shoe bag, and these swim bags. I love the bikini print! I really need one of these for my upcoming vacation.

Katie Muth

Katie Muth has designed the most fantastic greeting cards. She has designed the cards as a cohesive series that follows a calendar year. You can also view the process she goes through when making her cards here. You can purchase the cards online at Elsewares, which I have featured numerous times. I would love to frame several of these!

Fred Flare

I know, I know...everyone's raving about Fred Flare & the Next Big Thing winners. But I wanted to jump on the wagon so as not to be left out! So bear with. I love the Dachshund stitch-it kit and these adorable little dog cell phone charms. See the chihuahua? So cute! I absolutely adore these cute doodle happy journals by Rock Scissor Paper. And what about this coloring book? Fun! I never cook, but I love collecting recipes. I need this book to keep them in. Love the graphics. And just for laughs, this banana cell phone holder is a hoot! I think these ice cream spoon gift tags are so innovative and I love the graphics on these cards.

One Lucky Baby

I absolutely love this sock monkey baby blanket! So cute. And how cool is this rockin' tattoo minky blanket? And we all know how I love me some sushi prints, as well as cherry blossoms! This one is absolutely beautiful. And don't miss this zodiac blankie. Would it be acceptable for me to buy these blankets for myself? Check out all the goods here.

Google Notebook

This is too cool not to share. Google Notebook is a download which allows you to right-click on any link, picture or text that you see on the web and copy it to your online notebook. I find loads of things I want to save - quotes, photos, info - and this saves them all in one location. Brilliant! Thanks to MirrorMirror...that's who introduced me to this handy dandy download.

Total Home Store

Ok, I seriously need these portion bowls. I know I use the term "need" frequently, but I think these can easily be justified. I don't cook very often, but I would love to have this pink & black pan! And how cute are these jewelry and shoe bags? This little heart muffin pan is very cute, too. And on sale! This site has lots of cool goodies so take a moment to browse.

Loopy Design

I love this come to dinner card at Loopy Design. It folds to make a little paper table set for dinner! So cute. These wristwarmers are handmade and very cute; however, they appear to be out of stock. My favorite item is this balloon poodle card. It comes complete with two balloons & instructions on how to make your own Fifi. Fantastic!

On Paper

On Paper has lots of great products. A few of my favorites include these ric rac note cards. Ric rac is my favorite! The Laura Stoddart notecards look like they have wonderful illustrations. I just wish there was a clearer photo to look at up close. I really like the bright colors on these cards as well as these.


How cool is this adhesive tape that looks like a gold frame? You can create your own masterpiece anywhere! I also find this lamp to be very intriguing. You can sketch anything you want on it in order to allow the light to shine through. These plant-me pets are also very fun. And for those who need illustrated warning signs, here you go.

Chronicle Books

More goodies from Chronicle Books! I believe fototiller posted about this Wonder Woman photo album before, but I had to share it. I love Wonder Woman! I remember having the coolest WW Underoos as a kid. Do make those in adult sizes? Hmmm... There's also a wonderful WW journal, as well as notecards & an address book. Not sure what it is about sushi products lately, but I love em. Check out this Sushi-nery mix n match set. Lovely! And I love this Hemlines set as well. The vintage feel is terrific. This book is a great source for books you won't find just anywhere.


Julie Meredith is the creative force behind etui. She has designed many fabulous cards that she screen prints Artists Image Resource on the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA. She also sells handmade hats & mittens as well. Julie will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend (June 17 & 18) if you're in the area.

Whiplash Returns


Whiplash weekly challenges & contests are back! Woohoo! This week they ask that you post your favorite handmade item as a way to introduce people to your blog & style. Most of you know that I do not sew, although I'd love to learn. I do not knit. I know how, but it bores me to tears. I am dying to learn how to crochet & do amigurumi. But what I do on a regular basis & what remains my passion after nine years is scrapbooking! Here's my favorite handcrafted layout at the moment. You can view all my layouts here at 2Peas and here on Scrapbook.com as well. Thanks for looking! And post your favorite creation...we'd love to see!

Shades of Violet

Shades of Violet is the only online retailer to offer marzipan inc.’s complete line of handmade products. This birthday card is so fun...love those glittery cupcakes! And did you see the balloon animal birthday card? Fantastic! I also love this cute bridesmaid card, as well as this adorable baby card. And of course I find all the girly girl cards to be divine! There's also lots of fun announcements and invites. Don't miss the beautiful stationery either. Obviously I love every single item Shades of Violet has to offer us!


In honor of the Great American Scrapbook Convention being in town, I thought I'd share a funky find that's related to, well, scrapbooking! Clever, huh? NiekaScrap is another cool Cafe Press shop. I absolutely love this scrap tote. I wish I had one to take to the convention today. I love that you can get an infant onsie that has the definition of scrap on it!

Marymo Handmade

I have posted about Marymo before, but she's added some fabulous new items I must draw your attention to. I have some of her goodies that she kindly sent me & I can tell you they are fabulously made! Check out the fabulous pistachio & whipped vanilla cupcake, as well as the toffee & coconut cupcake. So fun! And this zipper bag with the adorable polka dots and the gnome are simply fantastic. I love the combo. They have also added some fabulous messenger bags that I want! Check it all out today.

Paper Cloud

Check out this beautiful handmade journal by Paper Cloud. And this journal with a twig and wood ring pattern is fabulous!


Fair warning: the language on one or two of these tees might offend...but the adorable graphics surely will not. I love this tee from meHOI especially. They also have these cute greeting cards with the best illustrations. This girl graphic is so adorable. And look at these stickers! Another favorite are the magnet cards, especially "you dog people." That would be me! More fabulous graphics here (note the femme fatale set!)