Atelier Jade

If you have been looking for a friendly efficient source in Japan, I have just the shop for you. Kumi of Atelier Jade is a pleasure to work with. She has some very cool stuff on her site, including the coveted Cram Cream tape everyone seems to adore. She also has some of the cutest material around - my favorite being the hedgehogs - as well as assortment packs. I love Kumi's beautiful handmade bags, just look at the fabulous coy fish bag! She also has a great Etsy shop. She was kind enough to track down an amigurumi book for me that I was unable to find anywhere! So kind and generous.


Belinda said...

thanks for the lead, Jessica. I just place an order!!

linda woods said...

If I keep reading your blog I will not be able to afford to get to Texas =(

natacha matic said...

I love her work but this one with fishes is just great!

*Kumi said...

Oh, Jessica.
What an honor to be announced like this about me and my shop!

susan said...

very cute cute!