Tiffany Tomato Designs

I discovered Tiffany Threadgould while reading about her umbrella skirt on Treehugger. She has her own shop, Tiffany Tomato Designs, that is full of goods she has reconstructed out of what is considered to be trash. Believe me, it is trash no more. I love this wine-o trivet. Do you know how many wine corks I've been wasting? Check out these notebooks. The covers are made of reclaimed food boxes & the pages are recycled, of course. And I love the notecards & envelopes made out of old maps. Tiffany also has a couple of cool tutorials on her site as well. If you have junk you want to recycle, you can possibly send it to Tiffany. Fabulous!


Jeanette said...

Now this is one neat website. I'm sure I can find plenty of things around my home that can be turned into wonderful, artsy items.

Plastic said...

You simply must stop putting all of this wonderful stuff up - it is going to make me go broke!