Fred Flare

I know, I know...everyone's raving about Fred Flare & the Next Big Thing winners. But I wanted to jump on the wagon so as not to be left out! So bear with. I love the Dachshund stitch-it kit and these adorable little dog cell phone charms. See the chihuahua? So cute! I absolutely adore these cute doodle happy journals by Rock Scissor Paper. And what about this coloring book? Fun! I never cook, but I love collecting recipes. I need this book to keep them in. Love the graphics. And just for laughs, this banana cell phone holder is a hoot! I think these ice cream spoon gift tags are so innovative and I love the graphics on these cards.


Frizz said...

Great links! You cut my surfing time in half!

I LOVE your header!!

Kim Carney said...

that is hysterical.
Yes, very good links, thanks