Cheryl Chudyk (aka Stitchpixie) is a Canadian artist based out of Vancouver, BC. Each accessory is designed, handmade, and photographed by Cheryl herself. Check out all the adorable goods here. I love the deer bags listed under Fauna, and the fertility collection is a riot! And I am in love with the city & tasty collections. So funky! Cheryl also has lots of cool jewelry so why don't you stay & shop a while?


ngaire Bartlam said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cherry earrings!!!

MARYBETH said...

I have to tell you that you are making my gift shopping really easy.
I do not think there has been 1 POST by you that has not featured a handmade business with goods I go wild over!
I am not a shopper: but , reading your daily posts is like a stroll through Anthropologie for me!
( the only Anthro I go to is in my home state-PA -where i have not been in 8 months)
Do come by and check out my new blog anytime! my original blog too =)