In A Bit

In A Bit is a great source for unique dog-inspired artwork available in a variety of mediums. Inspired by her yellow Labrador, 'Larry', Jann creates humorous piece that tell stories any dog/pet lover can relate to. The Pet Clinic collage is a great play on words depicting a Labrador & cat as veterinarians. I am especially fond of the colorful pendants Jann creates. This is last call to enter the June giveaway by midnight CST for your chance to win a pendant from In A Bit!

Dreaming Giggles Design

Patti Holcombe, the talented artist behind Dreaming Giggles Design, creates delightful pieces that are charming & fun. The Princess bow holder is an adorable piece that will spruce up any little girl's space. There's also several different leash holders available in various color schemes. I love the pink & brown design. And every dog lover should have an I Love My Dog plaque to proudly display their love for their pet. You could win one by entering the June giveaway. But hurry...contest ends at midnight CST!

Pampered Pooch Boutique

Pampered Pooch Boutique creates custom clothing & accessories for your pampered pooch. I absolutely love their newest design, the pink terrycloth robe. While a lot of the chic designs are created for girly pooches, there are also great ensembles for the boys. Pampered Pooch also offers several great pieces that are perfect for America's Independence Day, such as the stars & stripes dress & flag neckerchief. Enter the June giveaway now for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Pampered Pooch Boutique!

Spot Organics

Spot Organics creates fresh, handmade canine spa products using natural organic ingredients. Their line of dog sprays includes a natural bug repelling spray, as well as aromatherapy sprays. Spot Organics also creates organic shampoos & ear cleansing products. And, if you're looking for the perfect gift for any dog lover, consider the gift sets Spot Organics offers. Enter the June giveaway before midnight CST time for your chance to win one bottle of Bug Off Shampoo & one bottle of Bug Off Spray.


Mugwaz specializes in Do-It-Yourself kits that allow girls to create their own fashionable flip flops, bags, beltz, and more. Kits are available individually or in party packs that include all the fun supplies girls will need to get to work. I love the flip flop kits that come with glitter, embellishments & more. The linkz kits include 75 links. That's plenty to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belts and even purse straps. Every Mugwaz Take-out Linkz kit comes with one of three sparkly, pop-art-style Mugwaz charms. Perhaps my favorite items are the fabulous teez that you can decorate yourself. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a set of Take Out Linkz with two charms.


I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt & Jennifer of Houndmade, as well as their adorable dog Annie. Having seen their products first-hand, I can tell you with certainty that their items are well-made & fabulous. The dog collars are bright & funky, as are the leash holders. And the leash & bag sets are a convenient accessory for owners who have to pick up poo along the way. Houndmade also paints custom pet portraits that are wonderful. Enter the June Giveaway & you may just win a $25 gift certificate to use toward a portrait of your beloved pet!


Rebe is a fabulous shop run by mother daughter team Debra Weiss & Hillery Sproatt. These two talented women conceive & create all the beautiful sacs, accessories & apparel found on this site. Their collection includes stylish doggie bags that are predominately made of vintage fabrics, with wire mesh for good air circulation and visibility for your dog or cat and a soft padded bottom that is removable for washing. Rebe also features lots of beautiful women's apparel, such as the Marlene dress that I love. There's also lots of eco-friendly options including dresses, pants & tops. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a doggie bag of your own by Rebe.

Busynest Cards

Busynest Cards are modern calling cards that make it a bit easier to connect with new people. These cards make it easy to network with new acquaintances in today's busy world. Meeting and exchanging personal information is now as easy as handing out a business card. The bow wow calling cards are the perfect way for dog lovers to connect with others at the dog park or anywhere else. If you prefer to order custom design cards, fill out the form on the Busynest Cards website. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a set of 18 doggie calling cards.

ooh la Lola

Besides having one of the most adorable models I've seen, ooh la Lola has lots of great items available for pets. This shop is the place to find a fabulous couture outfit for your baby whether they have two legs or four. The canine couture includes stylish collars, walking harnesses, and leashes. ooh la Lola also creates items for two-legged babies. The woobie blankets are luxurious & available in a variety of materials. And the bottle wraps will keep your wee one's hands comfortable. Enter the June giveaway for a chance to win your choice of walking harness.

DreamEyce Studio

Emily Rose of DreamEyce Studio is an artist whose main focus is dog art, including hand sculpted miniatures, ornaments, and jewelry in all breeds. Emily's whimsical, one-of-a-kind pieces are a fun way to display just how much you love your pet. She also has a collection of "Emmy-Spun" art yarns & offers custom hand-spinning of pet furs to help create lasting keepsakes of your beloved companion. Enter the June giveaway for a chance to win custom items created by Emily Rose of DreamEyce.

Colorado Catnip Toys

Colorado Catnip Toys creates items that are completely new to me...Catnip Mats for felines! Their line of quilts & mats are created with catnip in them & are made-to-order ensuring that the catnip stays fresh for your kitty. The catnip toys are lined with iron-on interfacing making the toys sturdier so they will hold up to almost any cat. Even better, through the end of June all catnip mats are on sale for $17.95 with $3.00 shipping (USD). Enter the June Giveaway by midnight CST June 30 for your chance to win catnip toys from Colorado Catnip Toys.


4paws is a great source for stylish handmade dog coats & fun pet accessories that are custom made. The quilted jacket is perfect for small dogs on a cool day, not to mention cute as can be. 4paws also creates doggy jackets using denim. And, for the feline with a bit of French flair, there's the Parisian mouse filled with organic catnip. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win your own Parisian mouse.

Punky Woofster

Jenn & Kevin of Punky Woofster specialize in punky and funky items for your pets. I love the sassy green leopard print collar and the hot pink & black skulls are adorable! And what little girl wouldn't look precious sporting a bing cherry collar? This week, mention "lucky 13" in your order and get 1/2 price your entire order. And don't forget to enter the June Giveaway for your chance to win a collar & matching leash from Punky Woofster.

Lucky Fiona

Lucky Fiona is an awesome shop that specializes in unique retro collars, dogwear and toys. The Some Like It Dot collar is absolutely adorable & stylish, too. The Sully collar has a fun, vintage-esque feel as does The Barky. Check out all the cool custom collars Lucky Fiona has to offer & don't miss the June Spotty Dog Promo. Prove your dog or kitty has spots by sending in a photo of your pet & receive a Free Hottie Dottie Custom Collar with any purchase. *While supplies last* And hurry up & enter the June Giveaway for your chance to win a Custom-made Collar & Organic Cat Nip Toys.

Annie's Sweatshop

Annie's Sweatshop provides eco-friendly, sustainable fashions that are created by Annie with the help of her two mini-dachshunds, Porter and Stout. I have tried several different harnesses for my Chihuahua Abby, but none could compare to Annie's Wrap Dog Harness that looks to be genius, as well as stylish. This durable, handmade cloth harness wraps around your pet's neck and under the chest with black Velcro & is completely adjustable. The pillow pet bed allows you to stuff the bed with your own pillow making your dog more apt to sleep on it. The sham is made of super soft fleece that is derived from recycled plastic which is very cool. I also love the Natty Necktie Dog Collar that is made using silk from a recycled necktie. In addition, you will receive a $5 rebate if you recycle your old collar with Annie's Sweatshop. Check out Annie's Etsy shop and blog for more. And don't miss out on the June giveaway...enter today for your chance to win a Show Off Dog Collar from Annie's Sweatshop.

Raw Dog Leather

Raw Dog Leather began when artisan Mixie was unable to find affordable, classy-looking dog gear that was built to stand up to the wear & tear of working dogs. Created using premium quality products, Raw Dog Leather leads & collars definitely stand out in the marketplace. The classic, six-foot leather dog leash is strong, durable & comfortable for the user. Raw Dog Leather leads are made from premium quality, heavyweight latigo leather and are available in a variety of colors. The same goes for the collars & custom orders are welcome, too. This talented designer & dog lover also offers several types of toys for canines. Enter the June Giveaway by midnight CST Thursday, June 30, for your chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Raw Dog Leather.

Art 4 Milkbones

I have been a fan of Art 4 Milkbones for some time now. This talented artist & dog lover, who is also a member of The Dog Mafia, creates terrific hand-painted dog leash holders, decorations & more. The sign declaring that the cook is not responsible for dog hair in the food is a humorous anecdote most dog owners can relate to. This shop also a wide variety of ornaments available for various breeds. And my soon-to-be new household needs a Lab Adore sign as we do adore our Labradors. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a set of hand-stamped dog tags.

Pimp Your Pussy

While the shop name may make some blush, Pimp Your Pussy is all about snazzin' up your feline with pimpin' outfits. All of the costumes & accessories are custom made just for your pet. The ties are perfect for any dapper gentleman kit kat & are available in a variety of colors & styles. PYP also creates costumes, such as the humorous Thanksgiving turkey. And check out the blue python cool cat tuxedo jacket. MeeeOwww! 10% of all PYP sales go to the Kingston Humane Society, where the owner adopted her cat Kiki. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a two kitty ties from PYP.

Ali and Al

Ali and Al is a grandmother & granddaughter team that I am extremely envious of. I say that because my Granny was my creative inspiration growing up & I miss her immensely. But it's so heartwarming to see the beautiful, stylish doggie sweaters Ali and Al has to offer & know that they are created by a loving team. These lovely sweaters are made from 100% wool and adorned with a coordinating felt flower. The color combinations are very eye-catching & appealing. Enter the June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway for your chance at winning a $15 Gift Certificate for a Custom Dog Sweater (for dogs 15 lbs. or less).

Howlin' Hounds

Howlin' Hounds creates hand-crafted goods that are made-to-order for hounds & humans. Snoods are the perfect way to keep your pet's droopy ears from getting in their food. And honestly, what pooch wouldn't look adorable in a visor or even a custom costume? Howlin Hounds has a great selection of fun fabrics to choose from, such as the adorable pink Princess Poodles print. Also available are custom coats, raincoats & cool/dry coats that are reversible and keep your dog warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Ingenious! Don't miss the adorable Treats section with lots of wonderful holiday & gift items for dogs & dog lovers. And be sure to enter the June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway for your chance to win your own Handcrafted Dog Snood. *Don't forget to mention House of Puddles with each purchase so 10% of your purchase will be donated to help senior Bassets Hounds*

Kittens Korner Cafe

Jen of Kittens Korner Cafe creates high-quality, handmade treats and products for dogs. Although the shop name might make you think the products are geared towards felines, the shop has actually gone to the dogs! Having attended culinary school and obtained her Servsafe Certificate, Jen knows all the rules and regulations for keeping a kitchen clean and sanitary, as well as what foods can be kept in what conditions. What pooch wouldn't love to snack on a Pop Star Shaped Pup Cookie made of almond & coconut biscuit on a Healthy-Hide Rawhide Chew Bone? You can also purchase gourmet treats, such as the Cranberry and Cheese Dog Biscuits. Kittens Korner Cafe also offers Tea Tree Dog Soap so your furry friend will be nice & clean! Enter the June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway for your chance to win a variety pack of dog biscuits & Clean Doggy Dog Soap.

Molly McB & Company

Molly McB & Company produces a wonderful variety of pet apparel & accessories, as well as tees for humans. The I Forgot My Pants dog tee is pretty humorous, as is the Puparazzi Magnet tee. But, in my opinion, the funniest design is I Poo! Maybe it's because the silhouette looks so much like my Abigail Raine!? I know I tend to neglect cats on Funky Finds since I don't have one myself, but Molly McB & Company makes cute apparel for the felines, too. Enter the June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway for your chance to win a Pirate Cat Skull & Crossbones cat tee!

Punk Rock Dogg

Punk Rock Dogg offers original punk rock apparel and accessories for funky cool pooches. Their sinful design style is not to be missed. Putting a little bling around your doggy's neck can be edgy while still being sweet as displayed in Punk Rock Dogg's collars & leashes. The pet tags are amongst my favorite items. Made of authentic aged pewter with colorful shiny pictures in the center, these tags are an easy to way to accessorize your adorable pet. This unique shop also specializes in punk clothing for you and your pet. And with Independence Day right around the corner, dress your to show off his or her love for the good 'ol USA in a red, white, or blue Nautical Star tee that are currently 20% off! Enter the June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway for your chance to win matching pet & owner tees from Punk Rock Dogg.

GIVEAWAY: Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers

Today kicks off the much-anticipated June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway! Twenty-six fabulous designers & artists have generously donated a wide array of items that you all have a chance to win!

Giveaway Guidelines:

Visit each of the businesses listed on the June giveaway page. Leave a comment ON THIS POST including a link to one of your favorite items from each shop. You may enter multiple times by linking to a product by a different designer in each comment. Be sure to leave your name AND email address or website link so I can contact the winners. If you are chosen as a winner & there’s no way to contact you, a new winner will be chosen.

Winners will be chosen on July 1 using a random number generator & will then be notified by email & announced on Funky Finds, as well as Funky Town. If you haven’t joined my new interactive site Funky Town, do so now! Users can post all sorts of content including specials, events, images & much more.

The June Goods for Pets & Pet Lovers giveaway begins today, June 24, and ends at midnight CST Monday, June 30. Feel free to spread the word to all your friends so they too will have a chance at winning these terrific prizes, too!

Miss Wit Designs

Miss Wit Designs has created Ego Friendly tees that are fashionable, comfortable, & even biodegradable! These tees are created using sustainable Bamboo Fiber, 100% Organic Cotton Climate Neutral and are manufactured using wind-powered energy. You can't get much more eco (or ego) friendly than that! Miss Wit has a wide variety of tees on their site. The collection includes humorous 80s inspired tees, as well as custom onesies for the wee ones. As women we all ask ourselves the daily question "What to Wear?" Miss Wit has the perfect answer with this stylish pink tee. And you know that you Google yourself, so why hide it?


I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of an adorable shop called 29olives. Erin Parker's love of art has early beginnings. Watching her mother create everything from a simple wreath hung lovingly on our front door to an elaborate stained glass piece painstakingly cut and soldered to perfection, she knew that she wanted to help undiscovered artists get their wares to an appreciative public. Erin's goal with 29olives is to provide independent artisans a place to sell their special hand-crafted pieces. 29olives carries products by several of my favorite designers, including Night Owl Paper Goods, Alena Hennessy, and One Good Bumblebee amongst others. To celebrate the shop's Grand Opening, you will receive a free 29olives button with your order while supplies last!

Bond Bond

Bond Bond is a new online stationery and gift company based in Raleigh, NC. The idea was initially conceived based upon those little notes moms often include in their kid's lunch boxes. Bond Bond offers notepads for parents, teachers or caregivers to write encouraging notes to others. They also have humorous beverage napkins, t-shirts, & notepads for adults. I love the need to do, want to do notepad which I'm sure many of you can relate to as well. All of Bond Bond's products aim to encourage connecting with those you care about and making life easier by being organized and maybe having a good laugh. I think that's a pretty good mission statement!

The Baby Gardner

The Baby Gardner features hand-picked samplings from artists across the country that have a passion for vintage and a love for little ones. This month it's all about peas...sweet peas, baby peas, pea pods, all of 'em. The Peapod Baby needlefelt necklace is a a new addition to to The Baby Gardner's collection. This amazing hand-crafted little charmer was created by artist Linda Russ & is the perfect gift for an expectant mom or a soon-to-be big sister. The Sweet Pea Embroidery Sampler, a Baby Gardner exclusive created by artist Senta Plyer, would be adorable in any nursery. And even pea purée is no match for your little one in the Howdy Pod-ner Bib. Receive $5 OFF any purchase over $45 using promo code JUNESECRET during checkout. Offer expires 6/30/08.

Vintage Indie

I was thrilled to learn that I was one of the lucky winners of Vintage Indie's Spring into Summer Swanky Swag Giveaway/Contest. If you've never read Gabreial Wyatt's blog, Vintage Indie, now is the time to get yourself over there! This blog features terrific vintage goods daily. It is also a great source for useful DIY projects, inspiration, books, events and products that render a feeling of nostalgia in today's fast paced society, all while supporting independent business owners. Their sister site, Vintage Pulse, is dedicated to connecting vintage enthusiasts all over the globe. Below is a recap of the fabulous goodies I received in the giveaway.

Charming Sam donated a beautiful necklace that I was thrilled to receive. Amy Steinberg is a talented artist who also creates jewelry & accessories.

I also received a beautiful pair of earrings (pictured above) created by Glittery Blue. Shelley White's designs are a combination of unique elements that are both antique and contemporary.

Fine Spun Vintage generously donated a white vintage bracelet & earrings set (pictured above) that came in a terrific vintage chocolate tin. I look forward to incorporating the tin into my new craft room when I move in August!

1 Wish. 1 Dream. is a great Etsy shop featuring various vintage finds ranging from vintage prom dresses to vintage cards. The owner's other Etsy shop, WhiteStone Stitchery, specializes in quilted purses made with vintage fabric. I won a fabulous handbag that I have already enjoyed carrying.

Funky Town

In this month's edition of Funky News, I announced the launch of Funky Town. This is an interactive site for Funky Finds fans that allows users to post about events in their area, various topics in the forums, write books and stories, post images and much more! I hope that you see the addition of Funky News & Funky Town as part of my commitment to promoting independent artists, crafters & designers. Funky Town is a great tool to further promote your work and events, as well as networking with other creative professionals. If you think of something that should be added to or modified in Funky Town, please feel free to email me at

Michelle Lynn Designs

Michelle Fabbrini of Michelle Lynn Designs is currently celebrating the first anniversary of her fabulous shop. Michelle specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, quality hand-crafted wares. The Domestic Goddess Wraps and Chef Aprons bring style back to the kitchen. The Buffet Retro apron is so cute I wish it was a skirt! Michelle also creates a variety of handbag styles, including the graphic Zip It bag and funky Aquarius bag. For those who prefer a smaller bag, check out all the great wristlets and clutches.


Yesterday scrapbooking guru & life artist Ali Edwards mentioned Eco-Binders from TerraCycle that she purchased at Office Max. In 2001, Tom Szaky and Jon Beyer started TerraCycle in their quest to change the way people do business. Inspired by a box of worms, these students had a dream: a company could be financially successful while being ecologically and socially responsible. Determined to turn the worm box concept into a real-life, commercially viable process, they developed prototype equipment and proved their concept was feasible by reprocessing solid waste from dining halls at Princeton University. The company now produces lawn & garden products, including urban art pots that are made of 100% e-waste (such as crushed computers and fax machines) & are painted by inner city artists making each pot unique. The office section features the Eco-Binders amongst several other cool products, such as the juice pouch pencil cases. The drink pouch tote bag & backpack are also very cool! Another awesome project TerraCycle has going on is finding great uses for objects that used to be considered waste. The best part is that you can raise funds for your favorite charity by helping to collect waste. It's easy and shipping is free.

Look At The Wall

Look At The Wall features the artwork of mother Monique Gaspar. I mention that she is a mother because Monique was inspired to create unique artwork appropriate for nursery walls while raising her two sons. While Monique wanted to display colorful & happy images, she also wanted pieces with a contemporary feel. The limited-edition collages are created using various types of paper, including magazine pages & maps. And I definitely see how these are appropriate for children, but I will argue that they are also appealing to adults as I would love to display several in my creative space! Monique also takes custom requests if you have a specific color palette in mind.

Modish: Handmade Goods

I was so sorry to read about the closing of the fabulous Modish shoppe today. The last day to place an order will be June 30 & all items are marked down 15%. Over 60 new items were added to the shoppe over the weekend, including a beautiful handbag by Queen Puff Puff and porcelain dishware created by New Work. Enter byemodish in the promo code field at checkout to receive 15% off everything, including sale items.


KittyKatKards has made me look at origami in a whole new light. The origami dresses are absolutely fabulous! These note cards are the perfect way to invite people to any special occasion or just to send a greeting to a friend or loved one. Receiving one of these would definitely brighten my day! If you'd prefer to use the origami dresses on a project of your own, you can also purchase sets of embellishments. KittyKatKards has Kimono cards and beautiful stickers available, as well.

Cutie Pie

Danielle Butler of Cutie Pie aims to create unique objects that can be worn time and time again, keeping their individuality forever. Her handmade original designs feature vintage gems from around the world from St. Tropez to Sydney. The Amour collection is full of beautiful romantic pieces, while the Oh La La collection is made up of bolder modern designs. Danielle also creates jewelry that will make any wedding day special. Wearing one of Cutie Pie's limited edition pieces ensures that you will be the prettiest girl in the park this summer!

Starfire Studios

Michelle Prosek is a talented artist who creates beautiful glass artwork & jewelry. Starfire Studios showcases her one of a kind works including her latest original design, hand-carved and fused glass art panels. Michelle is no longer creating dichroic glass pendants, so be sure to purchase one while you still can. I especially love the Signature Line of pendants, including the nature-inspired mustard & teal necklace. For updates and to learn more about Michelle's work, check out her website.

Thrusti Kicki Grabbi

Susan Mattice, owner of Thrusti Kicki Grabbi (TKG), describes her enterprise as one that includes sophisticated sensuality, light-hearted mirth, innocent naughtiness, playful mischievousness and feminine empowerment. The silhouette greeting cards have an antique feel to them upon first glance. After looking a bit closer you will see that the imagery is as Susan described, a bit sensual, mischievous, and naughty! Perhaps the most creative product TKG offers is the "Naught-Tea" set that includes a ceramic tea pot, two cups and two saucers in a lovely silk-lined hat box. There's also a couples version of the classic teenage pastime Truth or Dare.

Surf and Western

Surf and Western creates hip, unique clothing for infants & children. Their newly designed website showcase their cool apparel designs perfect for any wee one. For those who dig a little bit of country, the Western side is full of great pieces such as the Cowgirl and Cowboy in Training tees. Born Lucky is another great design and I love the edgy Retro Car tank top. For the little beach bums, Surf and Western has several UV protection swimshirts available. And what little girl wouldn't look precious in a Hula dress!? Check out all the fabulous designs Surf and Western has available.

Jenni Bick Bookbinding

Jenni Bick Bookbinding has several unique gift ideas for Father's Day. The Ballpark Pens make it possible to own a piece of history as each pen is handcrafted of salvaged wooden seats from various ballparks including Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and more. The pen barrel is laser engraved with the name of the stadium where the wood was collected and the disc on the end is left painted, showing off the original paint color of the seats. Other great items available for purchase include the personalized typewriter key pen, beautiful rustic leather fly fishing logs, and the USGA On The Green Official Scorebook amongst others. Use the coupon code "MyDad" at checkout to receive FREE ground shipping.

Peas & Carrots

Peas & Carrots is a great place to find baby goods, as well as items for the modern Mama. It’s hard to believe that Jessica Leman began sewing just two years ago. She creates lovely versatile handbags and the small Zippy pouch. Any nursing mom will appreciate the stylish nursing cover available in your choice of fabric. And I love the snuggly mini quilts perfect for baby shower gifts. The Tag-alongs are another fabulous design Jessica created. Next time you are in need of the perfect gift for an expectant or new mother, check out Peas & Carrots.


TheFleasKnees tees are ridiculously hot-looking tees made and worn in support of no-kill animal rescue. $5 from every tee sold in The Mama Foursome collection and $10 from every limited-edition One Giant Leap for Dogkind tee goes directly to TheFleasKneesFund. Those funds are then distributed to well-researched, no-kill animal rescue groups. Check out all the available designs and remember TheFleasKnees moto: Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the Fleas.


For nearly six years, Susan Eastin has been selling paperweight kits that may be personalized with photographs, artwork, crafts, and a variety of other objects. PhotoWeights includes a pre-cut, self-adhesive finishing kit making tracing & gluing unnecessary. All you'll need is an image of your choice and a pair of scissors. Simple as that! You can choose from a variety of glass and crystal paperweights, as well as customizable drink coasters. These weights make the perfect keepsake or gift for just about anyone.

Jenny Karlsson Design

Jenny Karlsson's handmade accessories & other items have a vintage feel about them that I love. The nostalgic wine red taffeta bag featuring a picture of Carole Lombard is so unique & lovely. The pink & black Bird and Beads bag is another wonderful design. Jenny also creates beautiful cards, such as the Stamps set that is fantastic. This talented designer also sales her wares via DaWanda, as well as the Swedish site Signerat.


Angie Hogan is an artist based in Manchester, England. Working primarily with mixed media and acrylics, Angie is inspired by many things including color, texture, surface, contrast, the passage of time and nature. She has sold her work in several local galleries, through Etsy and she was recently accepted into Trunkt. I love the mixed media pieces such as Beautiful Remnants and Pistachio Hearts II. Paper Flowers is another lovely piece I would love to own. Angie also creates original art pendants that are hand-painted and one of a kind. Her original drawings are also captivating. Learn more about Artangel through Angie's blog.

2008 Designer Chick Contest

Girl Indie is a fabulous "chick owned" site that is dedicated to providing information & opportunities to women owned businesses. Founded by Lisa Bacon and Bobbie Yerkey, Girl Indie is a great way for women to network & learn about opportunities that will help further business. One such opportunity is the 2008 Designer Chick Contest. The winner will receive tons of great prizes that will aid in promoting their business, including one month of advertising here on Funky Finds! If you are interested in participating, you can read all the rules & info here. Good luck to all the chicks who enter!

Digital Decor

Digital Decor is a spin-off of Rhonda's graphic design company, SoCo Creative. After moving SoCo Creative to its own website, Rhonda still wanted to have an Etsy shop making her digital drawings available to everyone. Having been a graphic designer for seven years, it's no wonder that she wanted to continue with this aspect of her business. The subjects of her digital drawings range from fashion to fruit & all are big on color. The drawings are printed with high-quality archival materials, so they're not only suited for display but will last for a very long time. The retro martini print would look great displayed in a home bar area. And just about every stylish woman I know would love the Hot Bag print. Rhonda's digital designs make adding artwork to your space affordable & fun.


Oak is a Boston-based boutique that features handmade goods including clothing, accessories, home goods, and more. Although Oak is new boutique having opened in April, things are off to a great start. Keara Sexton is the impressive 20 year old who founded this terrific shop. And lucky for us Oak also has an online shop! The hand-sculpted avocado earrings are a fantastic accessory for summer. I also love the fun bottle cap tattoo necklace. The extensive clothing collection has many available options for men & women. The brown tunic is a mod piece reminiscent of the 70s. And the pink floral halter dress is HOT! If you aren't lucky enough to visit Oak in person, be sure to browse their terrific website.

Designs by Appletree

I am a bit behind, but nonetheless excited about seeing Sex and the City this weekend with my best gal pal. In honor of the highly anticipated movie and much loved series, I believe I need a Sex and the City pendant available at Designs by Appletree. I love the C is for Carrie pendant, as well! Miss Bradshaw would be so pleased.

Beaded Jewelry By Design

Mary V. Smith is a talented artist who creates beautiful handmade glass bead jewelry. Her designs are available in a wide variety of styles ranging from fun and whimsical to organic & glamorous. Mary's Etsy shop focuses mainly on the loose beads she has created, but you can also find several pairs of earrings as well. The organic hollows beads are absolutely captivating & I love the Granny Apple Green Heart earrings. Check out Mary's blog for more information.