Dreaming Giggles Design

Patti Holcombe, the talented artist behind Dreaming Giggles Design, creates delightful pieces that are charming & fun. The Princess bow holder is an adorable piece that will spruce up any little girl's space. There's also several different leash holders available in various color schemes. I love the pink & brown design. And every dog lover should have an I Love My Dog plaque to proudly display their love for their pet. You could win one by entering the June giveaway. But hurry...contest ends at midnight CST!


Patti Holcombe said...

Thanks so much Jessica! I love Funky Finds!!!
I added your link to my blog so I'll send more people to FIND FUNKY STUFF!

Kristen =) said...

Her designs are adorable.... I love them!

Anonymous said...

i am patti holcombe's nephew. i have to agree, her designs are AWESOME!!! i have one in my room!

p.s. my name is Logan