TheFleasKnees tees are ridiculously hot-looking tees made and worn in support of no-kill animal rescue. $5 from every tee sold in The Mama Foursome collection and $10 from every limited-edition One Giant Leap for Dogkind tee goes directly to TheFleasKneesFund. Those funds are then distributed to well-researched, no-kill animal rescue groups. Check out all the available designs and remember TheFleasKnees moto: Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the Fleas.


Arlene said...

Just found your site - I love your header, such great colors!

Pookie Tookie Diary said...

Hii such a lovley blog you have! i think its great to support artists!

Check out my blog maybe we can exchange links?

Anonymous said...

LOVE those TheFleasKnees t's!~ Love their motto! Even more, I love that some proceeds help with no-kill animal shelters, that's where we got our beloved pooch! FABULOUS!