Art 4 Milkbones

I have been a fan of Art 4 Milkbones for some time now. This talented artist & dog lover, who is also a member of The Dog Mafia, creates terrific hand-painted dog leash holders, decorations & more. The sign declaring that the cook is not responsible for dog hair in the food is a humorous anecdote most dog owners can relate to. This shop also a wide variety of ornaments available for various breeds. And my soon-to-be new household needs a Lab Adore sign as we do adore our Labradors. Enter the June giveaway for your chance to win a set of hand-stamped dog tags.


Rachel said...

I have a few things from Art 4 Milkbones. I love her stuff!

Another Dog Mafia member I love is Sandy Dog Bakery. My baby loooooves their treats!