Digital Decor

Digital Decor is a spin-off of Rhonda's graphic design company, SoCo Creative. After moving SoCo Creative to its own website, Rhonda still wanted to have an Etsy shop making her digital drawings available to everyone. Having been a graphic designer for seven years, it's no wonder that she wanted to continue with this aspect of her business. The subjects of her digital drawings range from fashion to fruit & all are big on color. The drawings are printed with high-quality archival materials, so they're not only suited for display but will last for a very long time. The retro martini print would look great displayed in a home bar area. And just about every stylish woman I know would love the Hot Bag print. Rhonda's digital designs make adding artwork to your space affordable & fun.


Alicia said...

her work is great a wonderful feature and awesome blog thanks

Inka said...

her works are really good!
i love the cupcakes. :)