Sweet Nellie

I found Sweet Nellie through Flickr and boy am I glad I did! The animals are so sweet. I just want to hug every one of them! Charlotte is absolutely adorable in her pink beret & little dress. And isn't Irene precious? Cedric and Alfrie are also pretty darn swell. I have to admit that my favorite little cutie is showcased on the January 30th post on theSweet Nellie blog (pictured here). Doesn't he make your heart swoon?

Akemi Designs

Akemi (pronounced ah-'keh-mee) Designs is owned and operanted by Denise Akemi Collier. According to the website, each design is meticulously created by hand using the finest papers including beautiful Japanese silkscreened paper, delicate Thai Unryu tissue paper, and high quality cardstock. I love the Sakura wedding invitations featuring beautiful cherry blossoms. The unique fold of the Sensu invites is intriguing as well. The cupcake birthday cards are adorable, as are the gift tags. Denise also has an Etsy shop set up which you can easily order from.


Junebugz is a great shop full of unique bags & purses. Most of you are now aware of my fear of live birds, but that doesn't deter me from this retro birdcage print bag. I love the green & brown combo of this floral handbag as well. You'll also find cool vintage treasures at Junebugz. Look at all those wonderful little goodies! Check back often for new designs.

Snail Mail Creations

Snail Mail Creations was started by Jess in 2002. I adore the smiling little apples she has created. The curious monkey stationery is another fabulous creation! Don't miss the "lettuce be friends" and "orange you glad we're friends" notecards either. This shop has all the basics I love...food with persona, monkeys, and stationery. Terrific!

Note: I just realized that my email address was not shown on my profile. It should be working properly now. Thanks.

Laura Crow Photography & Paper

Flickr is a great place to discover independent artists & crafters. Today I was lucky enough to discover Laura Crow Photography & Paper through one of the craft groups. Laura has created lots of cards & tags that are perfect for Valentine's Day, such as the tiny little heart cards and the heart gift tag bookmarks. What really caught my eye was the cupcake love print. Such a stunning image! The heart magnet in a tin is also lovely. Have a look at all the beautiful items Laura has created.

Edesse Designs

Edesse Designs has some very unique items I must share. The dessert-inspired erasers are so cute you'll want to eat them up! The mystery mix would make a perfect Valentine's gift for your loved one who would prefer function (and cute!) to calories. There's also 27 notecards featuring wonderful photographs. I love the gummy bears, and aren't the black eyed peas something you don't see every day? Notebooks featuring the same great images are also available. Edesse Designs will also create the table of your choice. Of course, the giant fried egg table is one I'd have in a minute if I could justify it (and afford it). Join their mailing list before Wednesday, January 31, for a chance to win...everything! Check out Edesse's Etsy shop, as well.

Paper Armadillo

It is my belief that one can never have enough cute. Check out all the cute stuffies at Paper Armadillo. The felt dog pin is adorable, as is the racoon fleece scarf. And how cute is this little girly feline? You will also find larger softies such as this fella, Tim Cat. For a limited time you can also request Valentine's Day wrapping. Check out the Paper Armadillo website for updates & more info.

Cupid's Finds #2

Looking for a unique way to tell that special someone just how special they are? The UR Sweet Vintage food notecards by bunni*goods are a good start. The various heart soaps at Gianna Rose Atelier are a nice little touch for Valentine's Day. Manic Trout has a new collection of love necklaces that are beautiful. I especially love the Slave to Love piece. You can find more terrific Valentine's cards at To And From's Etsy shop, Dear Monday (lots of great cards!), and Grace Ann Studios. The loveable mini banners from Letterspace are a very fun twist to the traditional Valenine, as well. And for those of us who love sweets but are constantly watching their waistline, check out these petite sweets. Vicki & her crafty daughters make these little cuties perfect for any dollhouse. Happy shopping Cupids!

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Today I read about the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary on Liana’s blog, Mixed Plate. Founders Steve Smith and Alayne Marker tend to be disabled pets’ last hope in life. These animals are usually the least likely to be adopted and often times are euthanized. Proceeds from Rolling Dog’s CafĂ© Press shop help fund this fabulous place. You can also make donations to the sanctuary or, if you are in Montana, you can volunteer at or visit the property. You can also keep up to date with the latest happenings on the Rolling Dog blog.

A Planet 4 Creation

A Planet 4 Creation is a cool online shop that is full of charms & jewelry that will interest just about everyone. I love the girly charms, as well as the adorable shoe charms. There are also plenty of charms for your Valentine. There's a variety of earrings and necklaces, too. And I know how you all go ga-ga for great paper, so take a look here. Check out the site's blog for updates & other info.

TreeFall Design

I have read Manda's blog for some time now & am ashamed of myself for not posting about her creations sooner. Her Etsy shop, TreeFall Design, is full of fabulous items. The sock pups are so cute...I want them all! These tend to sale quickly, so check her blog for updates frequently. The fruit cushion is also a fav because it reminds me of summer & I am so ready for warmer weather. Check out all the terrific plushies & blankets, too.

Forest Saver Designs

Forest Saver Designs is committed to offering quality, innovative, eye-catching environmental products. In the interest of conservation, they give NYC Subway maps a "second life" as creative, fun, unique and reliable gift products. Amongst the wide array of recycled goods you will find frames, coasters & journals made from old maps. There's also various sizes of envelopes made from topographical US maps. I love these! Of course they also offer wrapping paper, notecards, and clipboards. But perhaps the most innovative product is the baseball which highlights the Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium subway stops. Check out all the environmentally conscious goods Forest Saver has to offer.


I was so thrilled when I discovered the fabulous Etsy shop Art4milkbones. Here you will find tons of adorable goodies for pets and pet lovers alike. The signs, puppy dog love and dogs leave paw prints on your heart, are perfect Valentine's Day gifts for dog lovers. For your favorite pooch, check out Mully the three legged dog modeled after the beautiful three legged rescued dog, Mulligan. I know Abby would love to play with Zippy the blue squirrel which squeaks. I also love the black dog magnets & the adorable paw print leash holders. So handy & cute! Don't miss the paw print charms or the cute show me the milkbones sign.

My My

Taryn Hipp, the mastermind behind My My, recently emailed me about the launch of My My's newly designed site. It looks fabulous and is much easier to navigate now. My My is a place for artists & crafters to showcase and sell their handmade works. The plush section is one of my favs, especially the plush pet rocks by Magic Yam. This card by Pencil Shavings would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Or how about a pomegranate card for a unique touch? Other items I love include the weiner dog wallet, the cool tape measure bracelet, and the Allie the Gator necklace. Take a look at the newly designed site & all the fabulous products My My has to offer.

Dreams & Jewelry

Dreams & Jewelry is a shop with a wide variety of beautiful pieces to choose from. Two of the featured pieces immediately caught my eye. I love the ornate floral tattoo pendant, as well as the petite paisley which is hand-pierced silver. There are plenty more hand forged pieces in the mano forgiata section, such as the blackened hearts lariat. Other pieces that I adore are the delight crystal quartz earrings, the rose in bloom bracelet, and the ornate filigree flower ring. You also do not want to miss the images & illustrations on lovely pendants or the clearance section for lots of great bargains. There's also a Dreams & Jewelry blog for your reading pleasure.

Cupid's Finds

According to the encyclopedia, Valentine's Day is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards and candy, often anonymously. Of course, the so-called holiday has turned into much more...at least in the U.S. Proof of that can be found at Louis Dog where you can purchase a quite luxurious cashmere hoodie for your beloved hound. If you're looking for something a little more practical, and affordable, look at these adorable cards by The Paper Princess. The Spoon Sisters offer lots of great gifts, such as the love paperweight and cute heart paper clips. For something a little more sophisticated, have a look at Bisou's pendant necklace or the heart corkscrew. Or, if you're looking for something a little more humorous, Bisou has a great candle declaring that your loved one is the best thing "since sliced bread."


I generally do not write anything personal on this blog, but since I've been tagged by two of my blog friends now (Karen of Kstyle and Michelle Caplan) I guess I'll share a few weird tidbits about myself.

1. I hate birds. They are my biggest fear.
2. I have a list of biggest fears. Following birds is being accused of a crime I did not commit and being buried alive.
3. I have a VERY strong sense of smell. My mother has called me the "super sonic sniffer." I can literally throw up with one sniff of a rancid smell (ie: curry).
4. I cannot sleep with my bedroom door (or any other door in my apartment) open.
5. I love to play Skip-Bo. It is my favorite game ever. And I generally win!
6. I love to organize and clean out other people's homes. I actually find it fun to organize & purge for others!

So there you have it. I'm weird, of course...was there any doubt!? I now tag:
Cecilie (aka ie)
Ellia (aka Green Bean Baby)
Karyn of Trail Mix Designs
Susan of Art Esprit

Jenna Lou

Jenna Lou is a young entrepreneur at 19 years of age, and a talented young lady at that. I love the pocket pal wallets that come in a wide variety of fabrics. The frolicking fawn is adorable! And have a look at the long wallet. It looks to be fabulous designed & very functional. Jenna Lou has also created handy mini-zippy pouches & stylish pony tail holders. Check out Jenna Lou's blog or contact her for a customized piece. NOTE: Select mini-zippies are on sale for $5 through Valentine's Day. Treat yourself or a loved one, why don't you?


I learned about the beautiful glass work by iFuseSolutions from Hip Hostess. I immediately fell in love with the glass coasters and dishes. And how fun is this cosmo glass disk? You'll also find many cool pendants and this fabulous retro style platter. Check out all the wonderful pieces offered by iFuseSolutions.

Candace Ang Jewelry Design

Candace Ang is a fabulous jewelry designer who offers what I think is one of the most unique jewelry designs I've seen in quite some time. You submit your profile photo & Candace will create a personalized cameo uniquely made for you. The gallery showcases a variety of pieces Candace has created that are stunning. This would also be a perfect gift for a special person, especially one that seems to have just about everything. Candace is currently building an online shop, but in the meantime you can find her work at a variety of popular stores including Anthropologie & Kitson.

Urban Baby Runway

Since I do not have children, I often overlook a lot of great shops that offer unique kids' wear. One such shop is Urban Baby Runway. Now with a name like that, wouldn't you bet they have terrific apparel? I love the She Pirate onsie, as well as the Addicted to Love tees. And isn't the striped tie onsie fabulous? There's lots of humorous tees such as this I Love Boobies tee & the Born to be Blogged tee. Urban Baby Runway also offers lots of stylish kicks and accessories for your toddler. The panchos are too cute! If you're in the market for a baby gift, have a look at the great gift sets they've put together. Also, don't miss the unique maternity tees and apparel for mama & daddy.

Lala Dex Press

I've written about the fabulous gnome designs by Lala Dex Press before. And now there are gnome tees available through their blog. Doesn't everyone want to declare that Gnomes Make Me Happy? I sure do! You can purchase other fabulous goods in the Lala Dex Press Etsy shop.


Joanna Alberti has created a fun girly line of stationery & invitations you are sure to love. According to the website, "philoSophie’s™ are fun thoughts on life that have evolved into inspirations on friendship, love, and confidence. The character, Sophie, is brought to life by both original drawings and quotes from creator, Joanna Alberti. Her fun spirit and outlook on life are ideals all women should live by." Doesn't that sound fabulous? I love the Sophie illustrations on the bridal and birthday cards. The I love my red sox cards are adorable, as is the All I need is a cute handbag card! Check out all the terrific gift enclosures and baby announcements, as well as the other great products offered by philoSophie's.

Lucky Loo Loo

Lucky Loo Loo, a jewelry company in Portland, Oregon, is full of unique & beautiful pieces. The Lucky Horse Cameo necklace is captivating. Although I'm not a big fan of birds, the Lucky Sparrow lockets are also appealing. And don't miss the skull necklaces, rings, and earrings. You can find the same cool graphics on silver belt buckles as well. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or something cool for yourself, Lucky Loo Loo has lots of cool pieces to choose from.

School Locker

I recently discovered the Etsy shop School Locker through the Make It blog. This is a great place to find different art & craft supplies for your business or just for your own crafty hobby. Perfect for Valentine's Day are the heart sequins and the aluminum heart charms. I like to use envelopes like these with the string & grommet closure. And aren't these stickers wonderful? There's tons of great tags in all shapes, sizes & material, as well as a variety of colorful mini envelopes. Check out the wide array of supplies today.

Three By Three

January tends to be a time for people to organize their lives. If you're looking for well-designed products to help you achieve this, take a look at Three By Three. I love the anywheres which are mini magnetic boards you can stick just about anywhere. You can choose from various designs such as hearts and arrows. The self-stick skinny strips are another magnetic solution that will come in handy. These clique bins attach to each other or to any metal surface with powerful embedded magnets allowing you to customize a system to suit your needs. If you tend to misplace your keys on a regular basis, you may want to invest in one of these magnetic hooks or triple hook-up strips.I really like the mail & key holder, too. Three By Three's design team can also create a custom piece for you to help you achieve your maximum functionality.

Suezybees Designs

Suezybees Designs is full of wonderful handmade felt items. The felt iPod sleeves are adorable. I love the stitched ice cream parlor on this wallet, as well as the pretty flowers on this felt purse. You'll also find cool fabric postcards such as the Birds Eye View card that are very unique.

Wren Eleven

Heather created Wren Eleven to provide a supportive environment where talented independent artists and craftspeople could market their work and gain the exposure and recognition they deserve. Here you will find very cool cards by Paper Monkey Press, Pink Loves Brown, and Jezebel. There's lots of cool accessories to choose from, too. I love the Sophie clutch by Tiny Marie and this necklace by Wren Eleven. Don't miss the gift ideas section for wonderful suggestions.

All This is Mine

All This is Mine was first the name of Sugene’s zine, but she now uses that title for anything she makes in multiples such as zines, soap, & notecards. She too has a love for all things crafty, as well as a pooch named Abby (like me!). I love the packs of mailing labels & seals, as well as the clever coffee ring card. And how cool are these explorer envelopes? Amongst all the cool stationery you will find cool soaps & sachets and great measuring pouches. You all know how I love plushies & this tea bag is no exception. Have a look at all the wonderful items featured at All This is Mine.

144 Collection

I mentioned 144 Collection in a previous post about Pins and Tomatoes, an online consignement shop for crafters. But there are so many lovely items, I believe 144 deserves its own post! The Tracy tote bag is a roomy bag complete with two exterior pockets, one on each side. You can choose from a wide array of fabrics, my favorites being the peace signs and red urban chic. Other great styles by 144 include the Dorothy wristlet, the roomy Valerie hobo bag, and the Jessica bag. Isn't the shoe fabric delish?

Blueberry Jewellry

I found Blueberry Jewellry through one of my favorite bloggers, Karyn of Trail Mix Designs. I love the vintage feel of the pieces in this Etsy shop. The Green with Envy charm bracelet is beautiful, and the Starry Starry Night earrings are so enchanting. I really love the use of multiple charms on the Love Letter pendant and the Shopaholic pendant. I think many of my readers are well-suited for that piece! Have a look at all the gorgeous pieces of jewelry Blueberry has to offer.

Michelle Giacobello

According to her profile, Michelle Giacobello worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 15 years, maintaining an intense interest in painting and drawing all this time. I must admit that initially I bookmarked Michelle's site because of the fabulous plush monkeys she creates. Aren't they lovely? Of course, upon further perusal of her site I began to appreciate Michelle for the artist that she is. She currently has two series of paintings, Geishas and Paper Dolls. I love the Shoe Addict piece! You can learn more about Michelle on her blog and also find out about current & future exhibitions on her site.

Pink Olive Boutique

Besides having the cutest name & logo, Pink Olive Boutique offers loads of lovely items. For babies they have lots of wonderful products, including these adorable onsies and booties. The handknit ladybug booties are divine! There's lots of adorable accessories, as well. I love the backpacks and felt clips. And if you are looking for a wonderful gift for a special mommy-to-be, there's lots to choose from. The "due in" tank top is too cute. Under gifts you'll find tons of terrific products. Some of my favorites are the stationery and the doggie frame. And last but definitely not least we have items to make your getaway more enjoyable. You'll find everything from swimsuits to coverups to books to read while lounging about. Pink Olive is a fabulous boutique full of wonderful items!

Mr. Pickles

Being a fan of food with persona, I was thrilled to learn about Mr. Pickles. He is a traveling reporter whose adventures you can follow on his blog. There's also a fabulous shop filled with lots of quirky items. Among the women's tees you will find tees from various states that love you, Mr. Pickles support tees, and my favorite, What Up NutNut? The best products may be the cuddlers, which are adorable plushies. Aren't the meats hilarious? Of course, I'm prone to the nut again. Other great items include the Mr. Pickles Valentines card pack, the mini buttons, and the Mr. Pickles coffee mug.

Elemental Memories

Lisa Laverty is the designer and owner of Elemental Memories Photo Tile Jewelry. Lisa takes your personal photograph & creates a unique piece of jewelry using clay, sterling silver, 14k gold,semi-precious stones, and more. Like the back of a paper photo, the jewelry also has space for a personalized inscription on the back. You can choose from a variety of jewelry styles, such as the beautiful silver choker. Enter code "freeship" in the coupon code section during check out to receive free shipping on your order through January 24th.

Cori Kindred

Cori Kindred is an Etsy shop full of a menagerie of handmade items. Being a fan of vintage papers, I am drawn to the vintage tree and swatch cards. There's also several sets of magnets that are covered in vintage fabric. My favorite items are the decorated milkglass pieces. If you're looking for a specific monogram, all you have to do is put in a request.

Momental Designs

Kristy Rice of Momental Designs custom hand paints invitations and stationery for a wide array of occassions. Kirsty's detailed work is sure to make any special occassion even more memorable. To add a special touch, you can order hand-painted notecards to give as special favors. There's also several wedding notecards to choose from that are fabulous. Kristy's site has an extensive selection of fonts, wording, verses, and much more to choose from in order to make your event perfect.

Edited: A big apology to Kristy for calling her fabulous biz by the wrong name. It is Momental Designs! Please forgive me!

Boo Raley Designs

While reading the latest issue of Step Inside Design, I discovered young designer Laura Victore. Laura is the assistant creative director to fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. In addition to that fabulous position, she also runs
her own company, Boo Raley Designs. The piece I read talked about her love of great packaging, which I believe a lot of us can relate to. Her fortune cookie coin purses were born out of her studies of various packaging, including the simplistic design of the fortune cookie itself. The little suede leather pouch comes with its own fortune printed on a satin ribbon. Isn't that fun? There are three different fortunes to choose from, as well.

The Beautiful Project

And...I'm back! I hope you have all had a fabulous start to the new year. I have had The Beautiful Project bookmarked for a while now. All button sets and 2 card designs are currently on sale, so get to shopping! The birdcage thank you note is perfect for all those holiday thank yous that you need to write. Or perhaps you want to send a little off color humor in the new year, which the Even Your Farts Are Cute card would be perfect for. I love the squirrely nuts to thirty card, as well as the cute hello, friend card. Wishing you all the best in 2007!!

Note: Bidding began today in the Kim Family Benefit Auction and will run through January 7th.