Candleholders with Flair

Lightseed Hanging Candleholder at


soap & body cream. I've never used these products, but I love the packaging! I also love this cherry blossom bag & it's only $12.

Mahar Drygoods

This site sells Artisan crafted goods that are very cool. Love the Easter basket and these suitcases. There's also some cool deer items.

Lantern Paper

This site is overflowing with yumminess. Not sure what the deal with pencils is today. I hate writing with them, but these are so pretty I would buy them just to sit in a cute cup on my desk. I think these guest books are so classy & gorgeous. Check out the site for many more goodies.

PMS Meter Pin

I think the guys at work would agree that I need one of these at my desk. On second thought, it's probably obvious enough when I'm PMSing. Still, it's very humorous! I especially love the hostile and psycho alerts.

Dial An Excuse

Ok, Tamara, I'll admit this isn't quite as funny as our weather wheel, but it's pretty good nonetheless. Find yourself running out of excuses to use? Just dial one up on your handy excuse wheel.


Check out the yummy scented pencils made of 100% recycled newspapers. These sound too fun...and environmentally friendly.


Etsy is an online shop where crafters, artists, jewelry makers, knitters, etc. can sell their goods. You can find so many cool, one-of-a kind things on this site. Love this painting. The colors are gorgeous.


That's what this looks like to me. Now I just need a house and tons of money to buy all this modular furniture! Also love this room (from Pottery Barn catalog)


Got a laptop & want to spice it up? Check out these great "schtickers" that are reuseable, removable, and most importantly affordable.

Delicious Dishware

More delectible dishes! I think these would be awesome hung on a wall. Look here for the entire Rehabilitated collection from Sarah Cihat.

Altering T-Shirts

Want to recycle those old tshirts you have? Here's a great website with patterns, directions, etc. So cool! If you alter any of your shirts, please send me a picture.

Another book.

Easter Crafts

I love crafts! Always have, always will (hopefully). Check out the awesome Easter crafts from Martha Stewart Kids. They always have the coolest projects on this site.

Plum Party

Plum Party has got to be one of the greatest online stores EVER. I want to get my hands on so many of their goods, including these plates. And this "Just Married" tray would be a perfect wedding gift for a hip couple! (and in case any of you are wondering what to buy me, I really want a few of these to decorate!)

Solving the Problems of High Heels

Saw these inserts on the Daily Candy this morning. Apparently the insert shifts the weight of your foot from the ball to your heel which reduces the pressure & prevents pain. Now you can wear your highest heels all night long without feeling like your feet are bleeding!

Blobby Farm

Hilarious plush creatures abound!

Something on a Stick

How cute is this twine? Paper Bella also offers monthly kits you can order. They receive much praise throughout the blogging / scrapbooking community.


Check out these cute "Hug" salt & pepper shakers from Mint. When first trying to sell their design, they were told it was too "cute." Luckily MoMA decided to sell their products...and to their surprise, "Hug" quickly became their number one selling item.

Easter Bunnies

I am usually prone to monkeys, obviously; however, Fiona at Hop Skip Jump has just posted these adorable bunnies. Just in time for Easter. Keep in mind prices are in Australian dollars.

I've had the pleasure of corresponding with Fiona about commissioning her work. She is super nice & will work to create something especially for you. Her email address can be found on her site.

Monkeys Abound

I absolutely adore these monkeys! I want some!!! Other cool items as well.

Monkey Madness

Look here!

Russell + Hazel

Love these file totes. I'm thinking they could be used for a portfolio, for organizing papers, and/or organizing scrapbook stuff.

Also love the bright patterned binders.

Salad Time

If you've never read Doryn's Dish, check it out. She dishes on tons of topics & always has good stuff on her site. Today she posted a receipe for a yummy salad dressing. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to asap. I had a delicious spinach salad recently & it prompted my craving for more greens. But I hate using dressing like Ranch b/c they are so fatty - the fat free is always nasty, I don't care what you say.

Yummy, Yummy Salad Dressing

1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Cloves Pressed Garlic
Salt & Pepper To Taste

Combine all ingredients, whisk and spoon over salad. (Use a spoon so that you make sure to get the bits of pressed garlic that will sink to the bottom of the bowl.)

*My question since I never cook you buy pressed garlic, or do you press it yourself? If you responded "press it yourself," how does one do that?

*garlic press
A kitchen tool used to press a garlic clove through small holes, thereby extracting both pulp and juice. Leaving the skin on the clove facilitates cleaning, which should be done immediately after pressing, before any garlic left in the press dries. The press can also be set in a cup of warm water until cleaning time. Some presses contain teeth that push garlic fragments back out through the holes, making cleaning much easier. Garlic presses can be made of aluminum, stainless steel and strong plastics. (from

Beautiful Storage

These beautiful etched glass jars are a great storage solution for little things (ie: buttons). You can put anything in them, and at $14 they are a total steal.

Paper Anyone?

For a limited time, all Basic Grey paper packs are on sale at I am dying to get my hands on the latest line, Urban Couture. Check out all the fabulous packs.

Delight in the Everyday

Ali Edwards is a well-known scrapbooking celebrity. Really! She's a fabulous designer, writer & scrapbooker; as well as a scrapbooking teacher. She is one of my favorites because she always has wondeful quotes on her blog, she has an adorable family, and she makes the coolest stuff. Check out her new life artist products at Cafe Press. I want one of everything!

Cute Critters

Can somebody PLEASE teach me to sew so I can make some of these adorable critters? Made by the fabulous crafter at Wee Wonderfuls. Check out her great patterns under free downloads.

Yummy Fun

First off, here's a wonderful blog called Not Martha. This is where I found the hilarious twinkie sushi! Which in turn led me to the wonderful site Yummy Fun. This site has some very interesting recipes, most notably the monkey pops. Regardless of whether or not you want any new (strange) recipes, this site is worth checking out for the graphics & sounds. Be sure to turn up your speakers. My dog was very intrigued while I was listening!

Yum Box

These have to be the coolest invitations I've ever seen. They come with candy, bold graphic invitations, a little box, and wrapping for each one! Who could turn down an invite when presented with this?

Thank You!

I am a firm believer in the mighty power of the thank you note. And yes, I do quit gifting people if they fail to send me a thank you note when I think it is necessary (ie: wedding gifts). I was just raised this way. I think Emily Post would be very pleased. I also love sending little cards to cheer people up. I wish I received more hand-written notes instead of all the nasty bills & junk mail that seem to be spilling over in my mailbox.

Check out all the delicious note cards, thank you note cards, announcement cards, etc. at Greer Chicago. They also stock beautiful journals & other items.

Makeup & Scrapbooking?

I love the new products from Queen & Co. Their Colour Collection, which cleverly combines the beauty of makeup with a love for scrapbooking, is adorable. Designed to have the look a cosmetic line, the Colour Collection includes innovative products tucked inside their signature, reusable packaging.

Jot It Down

I don't do a lot of writing; however, I've always loved nicely designed journals. Check out Tobi Wood Designs for great journals, notecards and more. Be sure to check out the bargain basement section for several steals!

Get Crafty!

Today's fabulous find is one that I've actually been following for quite sometime. Jeffrey Yamaguchi is the author of 52 Projects. The premise is that engaging in a creative project, elaborate or completely simple, can impact your life in a positive way.

I often hear friends of mine comment that they have no hobbies, no interests outside of work or socializing, and that they would like to do something creative, but they are not creative people. I've always believed that every single person is creative to some extent. Of course, Picasso is more creative than most of us would believe ourselves to be. But that isn't the point. The point is all humans need an outlet. A way to express themselves & attain the self-satisfaction of seeing a project through from start to finish.

I have not yet bought the book 52 Projects, although I intend to eventually. But I'm going to go ahead & recommend it to everyone, especially those that are looking for a way to get involved in something creative.

On Yamaguchi's blog, you can also post your own projects. These will most likely serve as inspiration for you as well. Now get out there & make something. Anything. With wild abandon. If it turns out looking like a 3rd grade science experiment, then tell everyone that's what you were going for. And don't be afraid to share. I'd love to hear about the projects each of you tackle. Enjoy!

52 Projects Blog:

Hello Everyone!

Ok, I tried blogging on Yahoo 360 but it wasn't exactly what you would call user friendly for those trying to visit my page. Unless you already had an established Yahoo account, it made some feel they were trying to crack the code on the national vault just to view the page! So we'll see how this works out. Stay tuned!