I generally do not write anything personal on this blog, but since I've been tagged by two of my blog friends now (Karen of Kstyle and Michelle Caplan) I guess I'll share a few weird tidbits about myself.

1. I hate birds. They are my biggest fear.
2. I have a list of biggest fears. Following birds is being accused of a crime I did not commit and being buried alive.
3. I have a VERY strong sense of smell. My mother has called me the "super sonic sniffer." I can literally throw up with one sniff of a rancid smell (ie: curry).
4. I cannot sleep with my bedroom door (or any other door in my apartment) open.
5. I love to play Skip-Bo. It is my favorite game ever. And I generally win!
6. I love to organize and clean out other people's homes. I actually find it fun to organize & purge for others!

So there you have it. I'm weird, of course...was there any doubt!? I now tag:
Cecilie (aka ie)
Ellia (aka Green Bean Baby)
Karyn of Trail Mix Designs
Susan of Art Esprit


Anonymous said...

Lets not say weird! Lets call you eccentric! LOL You are a funny girl! It was lovely to learn more about you!

feli said...

Owhhh... My bestie is also scared shit of birds. She will actually freeze up when a tiny little bird is within 5 metres of her.

Jen said...

I can't sleep with the closet door open. It can't even be open a tiny little crack or it will freak me out.

Anonymous said...

Birds freak me out too...I hate walking under trees!
Hey you wanna come and re-oraganise my spare room, Id love a new art room! ha!

Anonymous said...

you can come over and clean up my house for me!! My mom loves to come to my house and clean up and redo it!! LOL

Anonymous said...

oh jessica!
you can come by anytime for a visit... i have a couple of closets i would like to introduce you to!
thanks so much for the tag... nice to share our oddities!

cruststation said...

I like #3 and I might just have to get hold of 'Skip-Bo' and see what it's like. Love your #6, come organise my house :)

twitchy fingers said...

If I'd have known you'd comment I'd of tagged you too! I know heaps of people who are freaked out by birds - its the flapping I think...

Jeanette said...

Since you love to clean and organize other people's homes, I'd like to extend an open invitation for you to come to my home! I am still not able to park in the garage yet. :)