Forest Saver Designs

Forest Saver Designs is committed to offering quality, innovative, eye-catching environmental products. In the interest of conservation, they give NYC Subway maps a "second life" as creative, fun, unique and reliable gift products. Amongst the wide array of recycled goods you will find frames, coasters & journals made from old maps. There's also various sizes of envelopes made from topographical US maps. I love these! Of course they also offer wrapping paper, notecards, and clipboards. But perhaps the most innovative product is the baseball which highlights the Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium subway stops. Check out all the environmentally conscious goods Forest Saver has to offer.


ellia said...

oh definitely a cool set of products!!! i love how innovative so many people are!!!

and thx for the tag- i did one earlier in the month of my six weird things- check it out :)

Anonymous said...

i love the map stationary! i had something similar to this once [old Dept of defense maps of Korea] and i've been looking for map stationary ever since!