World On Fire

Grammy-winning singer Sarah McLachlan performs her socially conscious song, "World on Fire," from the CD Afterglow. After brainstorming different ideas for the music video, Sarah says her director approached her with a groundbreaking idea. Instead of the usual $150,000 or more that it takes to produce a music video, Sarah created the entire "World on Fire" video herself for just $15. Then, she spent the left over money to help more than 1 million women and children around the world. In the video, Sarah spells out exactly how the donated money was spent. See the groundbreaking video here.

"I love this. … It's about getting every one of us to look inside of ourselves to see, 'What can I do?'" says Oprah, "'How can I be of service to the world?'"

I saw this on Oprah yesterday & was so moved. Have a listen. The song is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Edited: Lyrics here