Wishing Fish

How fun are these attitude message pads? I love "While You Were...enjoying a long lunch"! I also find this "Le Dachshund" soap amusing, as well as this retro room aquarium. And, of course, every (vain) girl needs one of these cameo compacts. Very fun!


Robyn L said...

hi- thanks for posting comments on my blog. I'll try to find the tutorial on carving stamps, supplies, etc. (maybe more than you even want to know).

The absolute basics I use are:
1-white plastic erasers (cheap, like 3 in a pack for $1.50 at Walmart)
2-x-acto or linocut knife. (I prefer linicut, b/c it gives you more of that old woodd block look toyour stamps). You can find these at craft stores (some Michael's) or art supply stores. The nibs (cutting points) are made by Speedball & come in 3 or 4 sizes. I use a basic #2, but a #1 would bbe great once you practice and want more detailed worrk. Then you need the Speedball handle that the nibs screw into.

The tutorial should tell you way more than i can.

have fun...it's addictive, LOL

MandaKay said...

OMG - I have a little dachshund and that soap is to die for! Cute finds!