Nineteen Seventy Three

Husband and wife team James and Emma Emmerson make up the creative company Nineteen Seventy Three. They have lots of intriguing cards, such as the cooters everyday cards. What a hoot! I really like the graphics on the every day people cards as well. They also sell a collection of Catalina Estrada's cards that are interesting. There are some rather risque cards under coulouring-in XXX, so don't say I didn't warn you. They are undeniably interesting if nothing else. The eden gift wraps are really eye-catching. I love the bold graphics on these papers. 1973 also does commissions if you are interested.


Gina said...

What a cóol site! Once I find someone who's craft or designs I like, I bookmark them then surf one of their list recommendations! How fun that you spotlight others and the great things that they have to offer!

platitudinal said...

I totally agree with what gina said. Whenever I want to see something pretty and cool, I just come to this site, and it leads me to her excellent funky finds. :)