Pink Bathtub Designs

Pink Bathtub Designs is full of beautiful handmade cards that are individually hand-printed & each one is unique. Stock up on awesome cards adorned with shrimp or funky black boots. Or just go ahead & get a sampler pack of five or eight different cards. I really like the block printed lemon gift cards that are part of a limited run, so get them while you can! I think my favorite design has to be the artichoke cards. So unique & gorgeous. Be sure to check out the Pink Bathtub website and blog.


Strongie said...

Hi Funky Finds!

I'm technologically backwards, & just noticed there were comments on my blog. Thank you so much for all of your kind words!

I think you're blog is great! Now I have something fun to read everyday!


pinkbathtub said...

Thanks for the post!

susan said...

i adore these! there is just something about SHRIMP!

Karina said...

love that design!

Kathleen said...

Great the colors, and so many to choose from.