Little Otsu

Little Otsu is a San Francisco based company that is run by two vegans, Yvonne & Jeremy. I mention the vegan part because it goes along with their mission to provide sweatshop-free and vegan goods, while supporting a small-scale, DIY economy. Sounds fabulous, no? The Little Otsu shop is jam packed with lots of cool goods. I love these gift tags designed by Kate Sutton, as well as this pink elephant journal. And how fantastic is the pirate stationery set? I adore these cute otters on a tee & here's a lovely mushroom tee to go with the latest shroom craze! Listed under oddities (so appropriate!) is this little Salary Man doll that pays homage to the Japanese businessman. I have to give a shout out to this CraftyBitch coffee cuff set, if for the name alone. Check out all the lovely products Little Otsu has to offer.