Hammer & Daisy

Are you looking for tons of beautiful handmade jouranls? Well, look no further than Hammer & Daisy. I love this black, pink & green journal, as well as this pink & green one. I really like the square knot journals that are bound with an exposed spine held together by a series of small square knots over and through brass wire and rods. So many beautiful prints to choose from! Don't miss the fun pencil cases either.


Carrie said...

Beautiful print!

AnastasiaC said...

I saw these in frankie magazine (australian)! and then realised this was Gracia and Louise whom have cool blogs that I comment on!



gracia said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your high praise and kind words on our hammer & daisy line of handmade goodies. We're thrilled that you like them... choosing the fabric combinations is the best part. We're currently working on a new pile of journal pouches and pencil cases... many new fabrics and different combinations are on the way.
Thanks again for the generous plug!
take care,
(one half of hammer & daisy)

gracia said...

Hello from the other half of hammer & daisy too.

I like your choice of favourites!

Thanks for mentioning us too.

cheers, LJ

maditi said...

talented and lovely ladies :)

Nabeel said...

ohh this is awesome .. i recently made a journal for my sweetheart .. and aww this is soo coool .. i am checking out the website .. always looking for cute journals .. and if they are handmade .. they get more loved !