Linda is the talented jewelry maker behind Bellaceti, a word she says is made up but one she finds beautiful. The candy hearts necklace, remniscent of red hot candies, is so much fun. And the candy jade necklace looks good enough to eat - or better yet, wear! I am really loving the cherry necklace, too. The candy carnival earrings would go nicely with it. And here's a pair for those of us who love modern design, as well as a coordinating bracelet. How beautiful is the pink posy ring? I could go on & on listing each & every beautiful piece from Bellaceti. Instead, why don't you take a moment to peruse the site & treat yourself?


*Kristal* said...

I love the name! I love anything "Italian" sounding. And I checked out the site, some really nice stuff. Thanks for the link :0)

Karyn said...

I've just started to dabble in beading myself. Thanks so much for pointing me to this site (and thanks for visiting my blog again!)