Indie Holidays

I've been planning to feature the Indie Holidays shopping guide in the future, but as my blog buddie Jeanette mentioned the "C" word today - meaning Christmas for all you gutter minds out there - I realize it isn't too soon to post this. The back to school section features some very popular crafters that I've discovered as of late, and some that are new to me. For instance, this i-Pod friendly messenger tote by Gerbera Designs is beautiful. Seeing as how it's been such a hot summer, I know a lot of us are looking forward to autumn & its delights. Aren't these gold filigree earrings stunning? One of my favorite crafters, Carrie Sommer, is also featured. Her aprons are beautiful! The gourd box from Peru is also a very unique find. I really like the items featured under halloween treats, too. These little guys are so cute! If you are an independent crafter, you can apply to have your items featured on Indie Holidays and/or Craft Revolution.


gina said...

Now I have just gone and purchased the Ipod bag...I hope you are on comission! Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by...I have blogmarked you so I will be back!