Gryphon's Feather Studio

The Gryphon's Feather Studio on Etsy was recently updated with some lovely handmade Christmas ornaments. I love the Holly Jolly Wollie and the Wintry Woolie that are made from repurposed felted wool sweaters. And these gorgeous teardrop earrings would make a wonderful gift for someone special. I have to mention the adorable little birdies, too. Check out the Gryphon's Feather Studio blog for more updates and behind-the-scenes information.


sulu-design said...

I've been so busy for so long now that I've not had a moment to stop by your blog. But of course, now that I'm trying to catch up on my missed reading, I see all of these amazing creations that I was missing here. The birdies in this etsy shop are so cute. Nice pick, as usual!

beshka said...

omg. that is right up my alley! love that! thanks for sharing!