Tuff Betty

Adrien Lucas says that a Tuff Betty is a blend of a chick who is terminally trendy yet doesn't cater to what the masses want and wear's whatever the hell she wants when she wants to wear it! Her shop is full of cool DIY kits that you can purchase to make your own wristlets. The kits come complete with pattern instructions, fabric, embellishments, and much more. This may not sound too exciting or original...until you see them! I especially like the Pee Wee Herman mug shot kit. Or how about Johnny Cash or Hugh Grant. All complete with their lovely mug shots. You can also purchase already assembled bags here. I love the Chiweewee wristlet!

*To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! Let freedom ring.


Adrien said...

OMG, what a wonderful way to begin the 4th of July! I'm so thrilled you like my wristlettes. I have sooo much fun making them and the email I receive from people who have bought the kit just reinforces to me that things made by our very own hands can add even more flavor to the objects we choose to adorn ourselves with every day. Have a happy 4th! Adrien/Tuff Betty Bags

susan said...

oh WOW!! What fun stuff - why do I imagine you spending 14 hours a day surfing the net - just to find these goodies?? The goodies you find AMAZE ME!!

Happy 4th of July - go have some ice cream - light a sparkler or two - and enjoy!!