Junque Revival

Jessica Moreau is the mastermind behind Junque Revival. She creates & forms her own pendants around baubles, pottery, sea glass & semi precious stones, then paints & distresses them to look worn. I especially like her Little Junquey necklaces. So original! The Look Closely necklaces are also fascinating.


Shell said...

Oh, I've come across these before and you are right - they're fabulous. I'm always amazed at the amount of talented women there are in the blogging world and carving out a living on the internet. It's great huh?

Jes said...

THANKYOU!!!!! I have had compnay all week so have not had the time to play in bloggy land! I love your FUNKY finds!

Lets link up!!

norththreads said...

I love her stuff too!! Great blog !!Thanks~