Yarnplayer Arts

I must admit that my knowledge about knitting, weaving, and yarn in general is limited at best. However, one thing I do know is that creating intricate designs in these areas cannot be easy. Marilee of Yarnplayer Arts creates works of art using various threads & other materials. The tatted Sweetheart earrings are a perfect example of her talents. The pink tatted necklace with beads is another gorgeous design. And check out the Dream earrings...aren't they fabulous? Marilee also sells various hand dyed fibers. You can see the interesting process she uses to dye them here.


bobthebike said...

Thats grand, and I like the other stuff too. Thans for showing


Clyde said...

Amazing find, really neat stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love the earrings!! You have a wonderful sense of color!

Ann Wilson