Jelene's Pop Shop

Upon first look at Jelene's Pop Shop, you know that this is a fun place you want to be. Jelene's pop art is so vibrant & happy. The smiling ice cream cones are a perfect example of this. There's a wide variety of children's tees available, such as the mushrooms tee, and they are currently on sale for $5. What a steal! An ode to the king of pop art, Andy Warhol, is the hilarious Warhol in a can plush toy. Jelene's fantastic work is available in many mediums, including tote bags & lip balms. Yes, I said lip balm!


Poisoned Creations said...

Awesome store!

Karen Beth said...

Jelene's store is so cool! I've gotten stickers from her before and they rock!

jelene said...

thanks for featuring me on your blog!! you rock!!
i'll mention you on my vox blog too!!

thanks again!!
xoxox jelene