Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the funky stationery & paper goods giveaway! I think we can all agree that all the sponsors who donated items are fabulous. It's great to see so many indie designers & artists get the love & praise they deserve.

Without further ado, our grand prize winner is....Smilynstef!

And, since Doodle Bugs & Cardboard Safari so generously donated multiple items, I decided to choose a runner up. Congrats to...Angie (Quillysilly)!

Stay tuned for our next giveaway in February featuring independent jewelry designers!


SmilynStef said...

I am so excited ... thanks so much. Love your blog and love the great artists you promote.

Lisa L. said...

Congratulations girls!

Kristen =) said...


Monkey said...

Jessica are you still accepting donations for the Feb. giveaway? We could donate a pendant...I'm behind on my readings apparently! Just let me know and we'll send you one ASAP.