Crafty Leftovers

Crafters often feel guilty about the waste created by their projects. We all have those bits & pieces that are leftover, but we have no idea what to do with them. Most times they go unused & eventually are discarded. But Kristen of Crafty Leftovers found a great way to share those odds & ends with others. Her Etsy shop is stocked with various project kits ranging from knitting to sewing projects. These kits make it easy for crafters to complete a fun project without the hassle of tracking down all the various materials. And, inevitably having leftovers that could potentially go unused. A new kit is introduced each month & monthly subscriptions are available. Be sure to check out Kristen's blog that is full of project ideas, tutorials & interesting crafts she is working on.


grover said...

what a great idea!

YMBD said...

I'm so guilty of throwing out my scraps of paper. Alot of it I give to my mom because she loves making cards, but even she can't use it all. I save them up, with all intentions of doing something useful with them, but then they start to overrun me and eventually have to say goodbye.