DaWanda is an online marketplace that allows artists, designers and artisans across Europe to set up their own shop & sell their handmade products. As a consumer, you can purchase unique, customized and handmade products created by many talented people. DaWanda also has features, such as "My Pinboard," that enable users to connect with others. Even if you’re not buying or selling, DaWanda encourages all users to interact by leaving comments regarding products or user profiles. There's tons of terrific items for sale on this site. One of my favorite finds is the classic cable tank tube top that was hand-knit by seller kitfig. The Pink Her illustration by aliette is another favorite. I also love the black & grey button bracelet created by user kraplap. Take some time & peruse the endless products DaWanda has to offer.

pictured is Zaha by user essimar


Dianna said...

What a GREAT blog*!*

Will you be joining us for *A Deck of Me?*
We'd love to have you :)

Roxie said...

I just found your blog and I love it! What a great idea, to showcase great finds on the internet. You're a great resource for awesome stuff. Thanks!