Crochet Cabin

Shelly Caine of Crochet Cabin is one talented lady! Her adorable pooch Millie entered the Etsy costume contest modeling the delightful SpongeBob dog sweater Shelly designed. My Chihuahua Abby isn't too fond of wearing sweaters, but I think she would like a Doggie Poncho since her legs would be free. Shelly has created many other terrific items that are for humans, including sock monkey slippers. You can purchase the pattern & create your own fun pair. I also love the hats, especially the Chocolate Cupcake. See more of Shelly's work on her website.


Jodi said...

Shelle is awesome and comes up with the cutest patterns! They are easy to follow too. I have several of them and I consider her a dear friend of mine.

Dallas Designing-Diva said...


Love her biz name, Crochet Cabin!

You've been tagged...check out the post and spill the beans! ;)